It’s Juice of the Month time, guys, and we hope you’re ready for what we’ve got in store for you this month! With the temperatures dropping, we hope you’re in the mood for something cozy and sweet, because we are highlighting the awesomeness that is Catch Ya Latte, for the month of November! This flavor has been a fave among vapers all over the world for years, and for a very good reason: it’s amazing! So score it while it’s hot; this month you can get 60ml bottles of this magnificent gourmet flavor into your tanks for just $19.99!

Catch Ya Latte e-Liquid

About Catch Ya Latte Vape Juice

Never tried a gourmet coffee vape juice? Well now is your chance because, in vapor form, it’s even better than the real thing! Sure, that may be a biased and opinionated statement, but coming from those who vape, nothing captures flavor quite like vapor!


Catch Ya Latte is the ultimate in decadence, and if you’re a coffee vape fan, this has your name all over it! A twist on the classic coffee vapor, Catch Ya Latte is like a barista-conjured cup of magic; it’s a rich espresso taste alright, with the addition of a swirl of buttery caramel; a solid note of intense hazelnut, which enhances the taste of java just right. It is then finished with an end note of steamed milk, completing the picture and giving your tastes the most balanced gourmet coffee taste ever. Now is the time to grab this deal because a sale price on a flavor this well-crafted is something to celebrate!

Delicious latte flavored e-liquid


Why You Need This Flavor in Your Life

Catch Ya Latte is beyond the norm in just about every way when it comes to vape juices. As part of the GRND RSRV collection, the quality, purity, and depth of the flavor are incredible. This flavor stands out because it’s complexities and quality are exceptional; it’s an experience just to savor its vapor! There’s a reason this flavor has won numerous international flavor awards and remains a favorite among those who have tried it! Catch Ya Latte is both an intense flavor and a highly satisfying one, combining essences of dessert, rich espresso, and a smooth, creamy body. If you’re into indulgent, fine coffees, this flavor was made to satisfy.

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About Our Juice of the Month

The VaporFi Juice of the Month is all about putting the spotlight on a flavor that captures the essence of that month while giving you something delicious to enjoy. Sometimes it’ll be something totally original, giving you the perfect reason to try something new. Sometimes it’ll be a classic taste that you just need to get back into your routine; so however it goes, it’s all about featuring a vape juice we think you are going to love! All the while, in addition to exploring new flavors, the Juice of the Month is also keen on offering some savings!

Vape fam, if you’re interested in savoring an intense, delicious, gourmet coffee-inspired vape, get yourself some Catch Ya Latte and experience the hype for yourself. If you are a fan of this juice, well, you already know what we’re talking about! Either way, 60ml bottles are going to be on sale for just $19.99 while it’s our Juice of the Month, and we urge you to take advantage!