The Power is On with the Deal of the Week!

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Let’s talk about something really important: simplicity. While the world of vape products continues to innovate and charge ahead into unforeseen territory, there will always be a market for simple. As in, simple devices that get the job done in a simple manner, allowing the user to have a simply satisfying experience. With that in mind, this week we are going super simple with our Deal of the Week, that will surely make a lot of vapers pleased. Without further adieu, we are inviting you to get your vape on with the VaporFi Power Cig Menthol Kit, which will be blissfully priced at $19.79. Simplicity at its finest, y’all. You’ve got one week to score yours.

The VaporFi Power Cig is seriously one of the coolest inventions around. This kit takes the guesswork out and gives you a steady stream of awesome vaping. This device allows you to basically plug it in and vape to your heart’s content, allowing you endless freedom to chain vape without a care as it offers an endless supply of power to vape extensively. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter on a big project, hitting the road on a long road trip, or binge-watching your favorite show, this device will keep the power flowing as you keep the vapor rolling. No charging, no replacing batteries, no concern over battery power: just vaping at your leisure. It’s amazing, and if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to do so while it’s on special.

The Power Cig works by connecting to a power source, either by using the USB connection or a wall adapter. It’s super versatile, so whether you opt to plug into your computer, a wall, or a car adapter, you are guaranteed a power source that will run the Power Cig. With a 1.5 meter long cord, you’ve got options as well in how far from that power source you can be, and that adds additional convenience to your life when opting to vape and chillax at once. When in use, the Power Cig is really simple to vape with, and it offers an automatic draw. This means you simply have to vape on it, and combined with a resistance of 2.0 ohms, the vapor production is mighty fine. The Power Cig can work with either cartridges or if you prefer, VaporFi Mini-Clear Clearomizers, which give you the ability to use the e-liquids of your choice.

VaporFi Express Cartridges work amazingly well with the Power Cig, and they further add to the simplicity and easy performance. Included in this starter kit is a 5-pack of cartridges that will keep you vaping for a while. These cartridges are easy to use and change, and they happen to be filled with only the finest VaporFi vape juice. This week’s Deal is all about Menthol, so expect your new Power Cig to be filled up with this goodness. It’s a clean, smooth flavor with just the right amount of dry, cool tingle happening; ultimately it creates an iconic menthol flavor that comes through beautifully when vaped.

Big savings and mega simplicity; that’s what the VaporFi Power Cig Menthol Starter Kit is all about. This week, as our Deal of the Week, this incredible starter kit can, and should be yours as it’s going for just $19.79. While simplicity may be underrated, this starter kit offers just what you need and then some. So, get yourself a Power Cig and experience the freedom and extended possibilities; there’s nothing so fine as being able to vape as you please, without having to worry about keeping your power in check.

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