Deep Fried Apple Pie is the Juice of the Month

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Welcome to the juicy month of June, vape fam! This month, we’ve got a killer Juice of the Month coming at you, and if you’re up for some seriously delicious flavor, you’ve got to get this one into your rotation. If you love the flavor of apples and a dessert-like flair, you’re going to go wild over our Deep Fried Apple Pie specialty vape juice. For this month only, while it’s being highlighted as our Juice of the Month, you get to score 100ml bottles of this awesome stuff for just $19.99! It’s a total steal, which makes it the perfect juice to be stocking up on. So, check it out, grab a bottle or two, and vape some tasty clouds.

Deep Fried Apple Pie E-liquid
Juice of the Month: Deep Fried Apple Pie


The Juice of the Month is all about bringing you the goods! We know you love a great deal and we know you love a great juice; offering both gives you more reason to try something new and save some cash. Here at VaporFi, we have a very large collection of liquids that covers all ground. We’ve got single flavors, complex blends, flavors that run the gamut from breakfast to dessert; cocktail-inspired to candy juices. We have a full range of tobaccos and menthols, with quite literally, everything in between. We have specialty juices and top-shelf options, adding further choices and quality to the lineup. If you haven’t guessed yet, e-liquid is our thing and we love sharing it! The Juice of the Month gives us the perfect occasion every month to highlight something different and interesting.

Deep Fried Apple Pie Vape Juice
Fresh apple pie flavor – Just like mom used to make!


This month, the flavor we’re spotlighting is Deep Fried Apple Pie in 100ml bottles. Yes, that is a massive amount of juice with a massive amount of flavor. It’s the perfect juice for any vaper who digs the taste of apples. If you have yet to experience Deep Fried Apple, you are most definitely in for a treat! If you haven’t tried it yet, well, now is your chance to do so at a very attractive price.

Deep Fried Apple Pie vape juice is a truly magnificent flavor. It is both fruity and dessert-like, with a smooth, mellow vapor. Anyone who enjoys apple vapor will surely be all over this one. It starts off with a bold, warm apple flavor, perfectly tinged with fresh fruity essence and a touch of cinnamon. This rich taste sets the scene, while the buttery fried pie crust comes in smoothly to balance out all the crisp apple goodness. The result is a balance of smooth and fruity; pastry and apples, with a delicious deep-fried undertone.

Apple pie is one thing; VaporFi’s Deep Fried Apple Pie Specialty Vape Juice is a totally different story. As our Juice of the Month, we urge you to experience this magic. It’s a flavor that will warm your soul and satisfy the senses with its sweet, delicious, apple-infused essence. This month, while it’s being highlighted, you can score 100ml bottles at the very enticing price of $19.99, so please do yourselves a favor and get some. June is looking mighty tasty; don’t miss out on all the flavor, vape fam!

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