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Drip Vaping – Myths and Truths

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Drip vaping is back in the news again following a recent clickbait article, which makes some pretty dubious claims about the safety of dripping. Social media has erupted in response, with many people suddenly terrified of this newfangled dripping concept.

However, vapers have been quick to take up the opposition and work to inform people in their communities with the truth about drip vape cartridges and drip vaping in general. As part of this effort, we at VaporFi are taking some time to dispel some of the most egregious myths that we have heard.

Myth: Dripping is a Dangerous New Sensation

Actually, dripping is one of the most developed forms of vaping and has been around since the early days of the modern personal vaporizer. The only difference between dripping and vaping from a cartridge or tank is that you are manually adding a few drops of vapor to your atomizer every few puffs instead of letting the tank do the job for you. This is typically done for greater control of flavor and vapor production. Either way, it’s not new, and there are many devices and accessories designed specifically for dripping.

Myth: Dripping Involves Putting E-Liquid Directly On Your Batteries

It goes without saying that drenching your batteries in e-liquid is never the intended use. And even a young child understands why this would be a very bad idea.

From a technical standpoint, most vaporizer batteries sit right next to all of the important chips and boards that manage the device internally, so continually soaking your batteries would probably result in destroying the rest of your vaporizer. As long as you are not flooding your atomizer, there should be no reason for your batteries to come in contact with your e-liquid, ever.

In reality, you are dripping your e-liquid onto the coils, which are self-contained in your atomizer. As you drip, the liquid seeps down between the coils and soaks into the wick, just the same way it would if you were using a tank. The wick holds the liquid while the coils turn it to vapor. Nothing to see here, folks.

Myth: Dripping Means You Are Inhaling Fumes From Your Batteries

Similar to the point above, you should not be vaping anything directly off of your batteries. If your batteries are smoking or fuming, you have a serious problem and you need to back away slowly. Take note that most battery failures are caused by external damage to the battery case or overheating, not from dripping.

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Myth: Dripping Means Not Using a Normal Vaporizer Mouthpiece

For some reason, a few people got the idea that after dripping e-liquid onto the coils, you are somehow supposed to wrap your mouth around the coils and inhale directly off of them. This presents a few practical problems, especially since the coils get up to temperatures of 600ºF in some vaporizers, and it’s simply not true.

It would be an act of extreme carelessness to touch your lips to a firing coil. After you drip liquid onto your coils, you carefully restore the mouthpiece to its rightful place, and continue vaping normally. This protects you from the heat of the coils and the vapor just like a tank setup would.

Myth: Dripping Is Way Worse For You than Normal Vaping

As explained earlier, dripping does not radically change the chemical makeup of your vapor, nor does it modify the way your vaporizer interacts with the liquid. All it does is provide a more direct means of controlling the flavor, scent and cloud production.

Drip vaping does not suddenly cause carcinogens to appear in the vapor cloud which were not there under normal conditions. In fact, recent studies have all shown that the chemicals present in the resulting vapor is free of any chemicals in harmful amounts.

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Myth: Dripping is So Dangerous You Could Lose a Limb

This myth is mostly borne out of the idea that dripping is an abnormal or unapproved way of using your device. Rest assured there are many, many devices on the market that are designed specifically for dripping. They feature safety and protective systems that keep them from blowing up just like all other high-quality modern devices on the market. As best as we can tell, nobody has actually lost a limb due to dripping.


The next time someone seems alarmed by your dripping, take a moment to inform them while you’ve got the chance. It is myths like these that make their way to legislators and result in harmful regulations of vapor products.

At VaporFi, we know that we all have to do our part to show people that dripping is just another form of an otherwise safe practice, and that it does not present any greater threat to our safety or theirs. The more people understand the different kinds of vaping that are out there, the less threatened they will feel by what they have heard or read. For more information, please contact our friendly VaporFi customer support team.

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