Does Vape Juice go Bad in Heat?

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It’s almost that time of year – time to break out the bathing suits, beer coolers and sunblock, and head to the beach for a little bit of summer relaxation. Before you head off for some fun in the sun, you should know that your skin isn’t the only thing that needs to be shielded from those intense summer rays. Discover whether it’s okay to leave your vape in a hot car and if vape juice goes bad in heat.

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UV sunlight—the very same thing that turns your skin bright red or the perfect tan—also has a less than stellar effect on your e-cig juice. Extended or intense exposure to heat and light makes e-juice lose its taste and strength. This primarily has to do with the ingredients that go into making it. In short, if you are considering leaving vape juice in a hot car, think again.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is a vegetable byproduct that is classified as a carbohydrate and used in a number of foods (cookies, icing, etc.) and beverages (a thickening agent in liqueurs). Another interesting characteristic of VG is that it turns into an entirely different substance when heated past 554 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fortunately for e-cig users, the highest resistance atomizers only heat up to around 392 degrees. (Remember, the higher the resistance, the greater the heat.) Also, car dashboards—typically one of the hottest areas in a car—in the warmest climates have been known to reach 200 degrees, but no more. So there is no danger of accidentally over-cooking VG.

However, VG can break down under higher temperatures. When exposed to temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit, components in the liquid separate and will not recombine even when the temperature is lowered. This degrades the overall quality of the e-juice.

Likewise, PG—which is used in a number of everyday products like cosmetics, foods, pharmaceuticals, and other applications—also becomes unstable when exposed to direct sunlight and loses some of its flavor.

Moral of the story: DO NOT leave your bottle of e-juice on the dash of your car, or anywhere else it can be exposed to excessive heat and light for that matter.

If you have to store your e-juice in your car, the best place is in your glove compartment. When possible, though, you should avoid leaving a bottle of e-juice in a car that sits outside unless you are okay with it losing some of its taste and longevity.

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Of course, don’t let storing your e-cig juice cast a shadow over your summer plans. Simply keep it in mind the next time you head out to catch some rays.

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