Our Deal of the Week this time around is a really sweet one! It promises endless convenience, an excellent platform for performance, tons of great features, and a really stylish design. We’re talking about the Envii FITT Ultra Portable Pod Starter Kit Bundle + a bottle of Custom Blend Vape Juice, which will all be priced for just $53.99 (normally $63.99 + cost of juice!!!), for this week only! You better grab this one while you can; since its launch, this vape device has been one of the hottest around for those after a simple but amazing vaporizer.

get envii fitt bundle

Every week, we offer a new Deal of the Week to keep life interesting and to keep you saving money on all the latest vape gear. It’s always something new, which gives you all the more reason to check it out and score big, every week! Sometimes it’s huge savings on vape juice; sometimes accessories; sometimes a starter kit; and like this week, a seriously awesome starter kit bundle. However it goes, offering great deals on great products is what we do!

deal of the week envii vape

The Envii FITT has been a major hit since it came out, offering a really revolutionary take on what a vaporizer is, and how it performs. The Envii FITT is a versatile all-in-one vaporizer, and it also happens to be a pod system. If you have yet to experience a pod-style vape, this is your chance to do so with one of the best! Pod devices work with e-liquids stored in pods that are loaded into the vaporizer. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to work with refilling tanks, which many people find to be time-consuming, messy, and an overall hassle. Pods are simple and easy to use, and unlike other pod systems, the Envii FITT’s pod is quite spacious: a whopping 3.2 ml! Fill it up with the vape juice of your choice, load it in, vape on happily with the incredible performance of the Envii FITT! No worrying about constant refills; with a capacity this large, you’ll be good to go for a long time to come.

The Envii FITT was designed to offer maximum performance capabilities with the most versatile package. It is incredibly convenient, and the whole design of the device was made for easy usage anywhere, at any time. If you need a simple mod when you’re on the go, hanging out, or traveling, you will not find a device that works more in your favor. The smooth lines of the FITT are all about comfort, and it fits well into the palm of the hand, making it very comfortable when in use. This device offers a powerful output thanks to its durable 650 mAh battery. The vapor production is excellent and always enjoyable from this easy-to-use, travel-friendly vaporizer.

The Envii FITT Ultra Portable Pod Starter Kit Bundle includes everything you need to get the best experience with this incredible device. It comes with:

  • Envii FITT Pod System
  • Empty 3.2ml Fillable Liquid Pod
  • Envii Fitt Replacement Pods
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Bottle of Custom Blend VaporFi Vape Juice

This week, the Deal of the Week is an awesome one: The Envii FITT Ultra Portable Pod Starter Kit Bundle, going for the insane price of $53.99! Few vaporizers can compare to the Envii FITT when it comes to versatility, performance, and total user-friendliness. Get yours this week for a steal of a deal!

get envii fitt bundle