Suorin Air Ultra Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit Product Review

Suorin Air Ultra Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit Product Review

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All-in-one (AIO) vapes have quickly become one of the vaping community’s favorite device styles, and the industry’s best brands are answering the demand by releasing new, innovative options on a regular basis. One of the latest AIO vapes to garner serious vaper attention is the Suorin Air Ultra-Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit, crafted by a brand known for excellent design and cutting-edge technology. The VaporFi team couldn’t wait to try the Suorin Air for ourselves, and we’ve rounded up all the thoughts we have about this impressive device.

Suorin Air Ultra Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit
The Suorin Air Ultra Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit.

Sleek, Stylish, and Impeccably Constructed

With its slim profile and subtly curved edges, there’s no doubt that the Suorin Air is easy on the eyes. Measuring slightly smaller than your average credit card, the Air definitely lives up to every expectation of an “ultra-portable” device. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of color options, featuring metallic finishes in rose gold, silver, and gunmetal. The device has a futuristic look about it, standing apart from most standard AIO vapes with its minimalistic styling.

Suorin didn’t take any shortcuts when it came to quality construction, a pleasant surprise when you consider the affordability of the Air. Thoughtful features like an understated on/off switch, small but highly effective air slot, and a shaded e-juice cartridge contribute to the overall attractiveness of this pocket-sized vape. For some vapers, it might take a few vape sessions to get used to the non-transparent e-juice cartridge, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker.

Suorin Air Pod-Based System
The Suorin Air Pod-Based System.

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Enjoy a Flexible, Straightforward Vape Experience

Like many pod-based, AIO systems, the Suorin Air was designed to provide laidback, easy vape sessions with zero fuss. The draw-activated system requires next to no effort and offers an authentic experience that former cigarette smokers are likely to appreciate. There aren’t dozens of settings and adjustments to work your way through, because the Air is intended for a no-hassle vape from beginning to end. Plus, maintenance is cheap and easy, which is a bonus for any vaper.

Because the Suorin Air is a refillable pod device, you’re able to use your favorite e-liquid rather than relying on pre-filled cartridges. The removable cartridge holds 2 mL of e-juice, plenty to get you through a quality vape session. When it’s time to refill, all you’ll need is a small dropper or syringe and your e-liquid of choice. Pop out the handy rubber plug, fill up the cartridge, then reattach it to the battery casing. Thanks to magnetic connections, it instantly clicks right into place.

If you’re a vaper that enjoys experimenting with different settings and modes, don’t assume that the Suorin Air isn’t a good match. It’s always a good idea to have a super-easy vape device in your collection, so you have an available option for those days when you just want to keep things sweet and simple.Suorin Air Ultra Portable AIO Starter Kit

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Impressive Performance

Despite being technically categorized as a “low-powered” device, the Suorin Air defies expectations and performs exceedingly well. The 400mAh battery is plenty to fuel the creation of voluminous vapor clouds, with flavor that hits all the right notes. With the Air, Suorin has managed to find the perfect balance between efficiency, ease of use, and an excellent experience. You won’t have to sacrifice vapor production or flavor quality just to enjoy the easy, “hands-off” vape approach the Air promises.

Final Thoughts on the Suorin Air

Overall, the VaporFi team agreed that the Air is a major win for the Suorin brand. It breaks into the AIO, pod-based market with ease, making a place for itself as a super stylish, easy to use device that delivers on performance. Plus, with such a budget-friendly price tag, the Suorin Air is a vape device that just about any vaper can easily add to their arsenal of favorites.

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