This week we’re kicking off the Halloween excitement just a tad bit early, because I don’t know about you guys, but we are amped for all the tasty goodness, costumes, and the fun-filled spookiness this holiday entails. And, in light of this, our Deal of the Week is going to be all about serving up the treats!

For just this week, we’ve got a whole slew of candy-inspired vape juices that will be specially priced at 20% off, giving you the perfect reason to score some delicious flavors, just in time for the season of fright. Whether you want an alternative to the actual candy, or you need another reason to enjoy the sweet flavors, these e-juices are perfect for celebrating all things spooky. Why gorge on the sugar when you can have all the flavor with vapor? Yup, that’s our point exactly! Here’s a look at each of these tasty treats, and what you can expect when vaping. If you’re going to be celebrating all things ghoulish, these are the perfect flavors to keep the mood!

Fire and Ice Gum Flavor

Fire & Ice Gum: Two extremes, one awesome flavor! This flavor takes care of your cravings for heat, while satisfying your desire for icy cold flavor. The result is both delicious and full of contrasts.

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Blue Razzle Berry Flavor

Blue Razzle Berry: If you like raspberries and the sweetness of candy, this is the flavor for you! A different twist on the traditional fruity taste, here you can experience true-to-form raspberry flavor with an extra note of sour, plus a full dose of candy. Yum!

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Hot Cinnamon FlavorHot Cinnamon: Red hot deliciousness is what you get with this candy-inspired vapor treat! Sweet cinnamon with a searing fiery note; smooth yet spicy, this is not a flavor for the faint of heart. For those who crave a little adventurousness, well then, you know what you need in your vape tank this Halloween!

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Silly Taffy FlavorSilly Taffy: Mmmm… creamy, smooth, sweet, and fruity; taffy is the dessert du jour for anyone wanting delicious, velvety flavor. Created with a combination of Cotton Candy, Yummy Gummy, and Blue Razzle Berry, all these flavors contribute to bold candy taste with the perfect airy note!

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Candy Corn FlavorCandy Corn: Halloween wouldn’t be the same without Candy Corn, and this vapor rendition of the classic taste will give it to you good! Smooth and creamy with the right notes of cake and spice, this is sure to be your next seasonal all-day-vape!

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Rainbow Drops FlavorRainbow Drops: Rainbow candy all the way with this fabulous vape juice! All the fruit flavors are there, combined with the extra sweet blast of candy. So if sweet, fruity, rainbow tastiness is what you crave, this vapor will have you covered!

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Yummy Gummy flavorYummy Gummy: Are you a fan of gummy bears? If so, you’re not the only one! This fruity, candy-inspired flavor captures the essence perfectly, so you can feel free to vape all day, guilt-free!

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Candy Sugar Stix FlavorCandy Sugar Stix: Sweet and sugary with just the right touch of tangy makes this flavor the perfect go-to everytime you crave candy! Who needs the typical mess of candy powder, when you can vape a flavor this good?

Buy Candy Sugar Stix


Tart N’ Sweet: Just like the name states, this flavor pairs the fruity flavorsTart N' Sweet Flavor of sweet and tart for the perfect balance that will certainly please your palate. When vaped, it’s even better than the real thing!

Buy Tart N’ Sweet


Halloween is right upon us, vape fam! We hope you’re ready for starting the celebrating early with our delectable, candy-flavored vape juices, which will be priced at 20% off this week as our Deal of the Week! Buy one flavor or buy all; Halloween is the right time to indulge in all the candy yumminess! So get those costumes on, be ready to cause a fright, and vape your candy the right way!