This week, our Deal of the Week is a two-for! We’ve got doubled up savings on one of our hottest duos, and you are going to be enthralled by the savings! The VaporFi Air 2 for Two Mini Vaporizer Bundle will be awesomely priced at just $89.99, making it the perfect time to score this set. Normally $99.99, these savings means you get the pleasure of enjoying and sharing these vaporizers even more affordably. So start shopping; there’s no better time than this week to score this bundle!

Perfect for Couples

Have you ever had to deal with the scenario of getting a brand new, awesome vape, only to have it confiscated by your significant other due to its unwavering coolness? Most vapers have, and that’s the basis of the VaporFi Air 2 for Two Mini Vaporizer Bundle; offering doubles of everything to keep both parties happy. The versatility of this bundle is pretty unbelievable, and it makes the ideal setup for couples, best friends, or even roommates who want to go in on the fun together. It comes with two of everything, including accessories, so everyone’s needs are met.

Twice the Fun

The VaporFi Air 2 for Two Mini Vaporizer Bundle offers two times the fun as it includes two Air 2 Mini Starter Kits, plus all the necessary accessories to complete the picture. The most unique aspect of the VaporFi Air 2 is that it is all about the ability to use both e-liquids and oils, enabling you to switch between the two methods with ease. Whether you’re into one or the other, or both, you have the ability to enjoy the options, all from a single device. Vaping has never been easier or more accommodating!

The beautiful thing about the VaporFi Air 2 is that it creates a brilliant experience, with substantial power with its 350 mAh battery, a sizable 1.4ml e-liquid capacity, and a variety of functions that enable you to customize how it performs. It is wildly versatile and exquisitely enjoyable; so much so that we had to offer the kit as a double setup! In this starter kit, there are two options for coils: 1.1 ohm bottom feeding coils that deliver an intense flavor experience, and the oil atomizers that enable you to vape efficiently and effectively with oil concentrates. 2 7-packs of stainless steel 1.1 ohm coil replacements are included in the bundle, along with 2 5-packs of 1.1 ohm coil replacements for oil concentrates. Additionally, just to keep things exciting, this bundle includes 2) bottles of VaporFi Custom Blend vape juices in one preferred flavor, so you’ll be set to start vaping the minute you get your bundle in hand!

Get the VaporFi Air 2 for Two This Week!

So this week, double up on the awesomeness and versatility with the VaporFi Air 2 for Two Mini Vaporizer Bundle while it’s our Deal of the Week, on sale for just $89.99! Whether you want to share it with your lover, your BFF, or keep it all to yourself, these vaporizers and the included goodies are just too good to pass up. Options, variety, convenience, and performance; what more could you want from a single vape device? You’ve got one week to get this bundle!