This week, our Deal of the Week will have you seeing rainbows. Because everything’s better with rainbows, isn’t it? So get ready for delicious rainbows because we’re offering up some delicious, high quality, always-pleasing rainbow-flavored vape goodness is really our thang! This week only, Rainbow Custard from our original Grand Reserve line will be priced at $15.99, which is a fantastically low price for such a delectable e-liquid. Why do you need this e-juice in your life? Keep reading!

Normally priced at $17.99 for 30ml bottles, this week you get to save some cash on this truly phenomenal e-liquid. For a gourmet e-liquid that promises a fine experience every time you vape it, these savings go a long way. If you are a fan of Rainbow Custard, this is your week to stock up and save. If you have yet to taste this magic, well there is no better time than right now to find out for yourself how good it is, while saving some cash on what many consider to be the purest vape juice out there.

get the Rainbow Custard

Flavor Like No Other

Similar to rainbow sherbet ice cream, but even better… Fruity and creamy all at once… Dessert vape juice with a fruity spin… Heavenly, nothing short of cosmic-magic in flavor. Those are just some of the ways to describe the delectable taste that comes with vaping VaporFi’s Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard. This is a gourmet e-juice like nothing else, with a delicious level of pleasure from start to finish, enabling you to savor the flavors throughout the entire vape.

Vape the Rainbow

What makes Rainbow Custard so incredible? It’s all about the flavor. It starts with a supremely creamy base with a smooth, vanilla-laced Crème Anglaise custard. It is equally rich and silky, and when this aspect is paired with the addition of sweet, fresh strawberries and the lively, bright flavor of tangerines, that custard goes a whole lot further. The end result of the flavor comes through as alternating waves of velvet cream, with vibrant fruit; it’s nothing short of blissful if you’re a fan of fruit and cream vapes.

About Grand Reserve

What makes the entire Grand Reserve line from VaporFi stand apart from all other e-juices is that this range of liquids is just made differently, using the finest ingredients and crafting process, and as a result, these liquids taste differently as well. These vape juices were created to offer a truly magnificent experience in vaping, with flavors created to be intense, layered, and of the very highest quality. There is a complexity to the Grand Reserve e-liquids that you will not find elsewhere, and these flavor beg to be vaped with devices that can take advantage of it. At 70% VG to 30% PG, the ratio of Rainbow Custard works perfectly for sub ohm and dripping setups, allowing you to experience the maximum range of these well-defined flavors. Additionally, at this VG level, the clouds you will experience are sure to be large and in charge.

Get the Deal of the Week

So the Deal of the Week is on, and we encourage you to get this one and enjoy the rainbow! 30ml bottles of Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard for $15.99 each will only be available this week, and this is too tasty of a deal to pass up. The savings are amazing, and the flavor is colorful; to say the least!

get the Rainbow Custard