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Deal of the Week: Dry Herb Vaporizer

Taking things in an even more exciting direction this week, we’ve got the one and only VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer on special as our Deal of the Week! We know you love a good vape sale, so we aim to take care of you each and every week. This week, you can be scoring the Atom at the rad price of $124.99, which is a total steal, so we suggest you get shopping!

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If you have yet to try the Atom, and all its magnificent glory, you are in for a really great experience! Having a dry herb vaporizer ready to keep things chill and convenient is one of the best things you can ever treat yourself to. Don’t waste your time with the old-fashioned papers and pipes; the future is digital, even where your herbs are concerned.

The VaporFi Atom dry herb vaporizer is unique in a market of copycats, offering high-quality construction and a very functional design. It is made to be convenient in every aspect, and it can go just about anywhere with you due to its convenient pocket-size. It has an intuitive interface lit with an LED light, allowing for the simplest usage that offers even greater simplicity. Additionally, the device communicates the temperature based on the color of the lights. Blue indicates 360° F; yellow indicates 410°F; red indicates 464°F. Setting your temperature is also easy; just hold the fire button to lock it in where you want it. An additional feature is the motion-sensing technology, which enables you to check your battery level with just a quick shake of the device. Sleep mode is a feature of the innovative battery preservation, which allows the device to “sleep” after 30 seconds of no usage. With great battery life thanks to the Atom’s high-powered 3,000 mAh capacity, and its clean, sleek size, you’ve got everything you need to vape your herbs anywhere you want with discretion and ease. Bottom line: the VaporFi Atom is the ultimate vape pen!

If you still happen to be vaping with the antiquated method of lighting your greens on fire, you’ve got to upgrade to the 21st century. Smoke, just like with cigarettes, is really becoming a thing of the past. And if you can enjoy your greens without dealing with the consequences of carcinogens from the smoke, why aren’t you?

The benefits of dry herb vaping are plentiful. It is the easiest method out there for enjoying your herbs, without a mess, without burning them, without a bold display of aroma, while keeping things easy to use everywhere you go. Dry herb vaping is also the best way to ensure your herbs are utilized to their highest potential, without unnecessary wasting, as it is typical with the standard method of burning.

So get your VaporFi Atom today, while it’s on sale as our Deal of the Week! This is no ordinary dry herb vape pen, and if you have heard the rumors, you know that there are many sub-par options out there. The Atom is versatile, functional, high-powered, and SO much fun to have. It keeps your life simple while maximizing pleasure. Get yours now for just $124.99; this week only!