Representative Duncan Hunter Asks Navy to Reconsider E-Cig Ban

A new report from The Daily Caller could bring fresh hope to vapers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Recently, the Navy released a statement saying that as of May 14th, all electronic nicotine delivery systems, or e-cigarettes, would be banned. Reports of battery explosions, which could cause harm to service members as well as costly equipment aboard ships and other military vehicles, reportedly led to the ban.

However, one of the GOPs state representatives from California, Rep. Duncan Hunter, has challenged the Navy to hold off on this move. In a letter quoted by The Daily Caller, Congressman Hunter asks for specifics about the real dangers of e-cigarette use aboard naval ships.

Alternative to Tobacco

He also brought up the fact that many sailors and Marines hope to use vapor products as an alternative to smoking. If these devices are banned, it is likely that those same service members will continue smoking traditional tobacco products with all their attendant health risks.

In the letter, Representative Hunter calls upon Naval officials to provide detailed information about the number of battery explosions they have actually had reported. In addition, he asks for a breakdown of the injuries caused by these explosions, the severity of those injuries, and whether or not those explosions were caused by user error as opposed to a flaw in the device itself.

Hunter finishes the letter by encouraging the Navy to be cautious about their approach and to give him time to enact legislation that will ensure that vapor devices are safe to use, even on ships.

Navy Reaction Pending

It’s still too early to know what the response will be from the Secretary of the Navy, Sean Stackley, but Congressman Hunter hopes that the Secretary will at least reconsider the immediacy of the ban.

With less than 30 days until the ban goes into effect, it will take a huge change of heart to slow it down. Nevertheless, many vapers are thanking Representative Hunter for his efforts, and doing their part to educate those within the Navy on the benefits of vaping. Even if the ban does go into effect, it is likely that further discussion will take place to scale it back.

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