shutterstock_1443763514Ah, nature; there’s nothing quite like being immersed in it. However, if you are one for a good vape while traveling and enjoying the sights and scenes of America’s great outdoors, you may want to reconsider those travel and destination options to, dare we say, take it all in.

With the latest effort to curb the use of any-and-all nicotine products in public spaces, the National Parks Service has issued a ban on electronic cigarettes and vaporizers within all U.S. national parks. Rather out of left field, shall we say?

As reported by, the law, identical to the measure banning tobacco cigarettes, prohibits the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) within all national park concessions as well as all government operated park facilities and vehicles. In issuing the policy change, National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis was firm in his statement that “protecting the health and safety of our visitors and employees is one of the most critical duties of the National Park Service. We are therefore extending the restrictions currently in place protecting visitors and employees from exposure to tobacco smoke to include exposure to vapor from electronic smoking devices.”

When trying to locate the ‘fine print’ on the National Park Service’s website concerning their Smoking Policy, the information available was anything but specific. Nevertheless, as with any new regulation regarding the e-cig industry, this will only add to the ongoing debate of categorizing all nicotine products under a single umbrella of strict governance – an effort, seen by many, as one that is misguided and without credible reason. It’s rather erroneous, ignorant, and foolish for such a broad, ill-informed statement to be released on behalf of products that in reality, contain no tobacco.

We are fully aware that regulations on electronic cigarettes are going to happen, one way or another, and we fully applaud all that aim to protect citizens rightfully. However, when they are assigned in a manner that does not take into consideration the true nature of the products, and even going so far as to label them incorrectly, we can only shake our heads at the discrimination.