VaporFi-E-Liquid SafetyThere’s been a lot of discussion in the media in recent times about the safety of e-liquids and children. Specifically in regards to children and liquid poisoning. Scare tactics aside, there’s a reason electronic cigarettes and nicotine e-liquids are meant for adult usage only. Nicotine, as pleasurable and enjoyable as it is, let’s be honest, has the potential to be toxic as well as addictive. Just like alcohol.

So here’s what you need to know in regards to keeping your children safe and being able to use e-liquids. Yes, it can be done and no, your children are not at inherent risk.

Common Sense – This is the biggest factor in all of it. Considering that electronic cigarette e-liquids are intended for use only by adults, they should be kept completely out of reach of children. You wouldn’t make your prescription drugs and alcohol available to them, would you?

Understand What You’re Dealing With – Nicotine e-liquid is comprised of nicotine, which in high doses can be considered a toxin. It can cause internal damage when swallowed, as well as when it absorbs through the skin. It can be toxic for adults as well as children however far more dangerous to children than adults. Understanding all of this will give you more insight as to why it is important to handle your e-liquids properly as well as keep them entirely away from the reach of children.

Use Locks if You Need to – Kids get into things, we all know that; especially if you have kids. So if keeping them safe from your e-liquid means that you have to use the security of a lock, do it. Locked up liquor cabinets and safes for guns are quite common for reason, store your e-juice just as securely.

If a Child Does Get Ahold: Should an accidental swallowing occur, seek medical attention immediately.

Responsible electronic cigarette companies, such as VaporFi, intend their products for usage by adults over the age of 18 exclusively, and this extends to nicotine liquid as well. This isn’t to imply that electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are dangerous, however they must be used with caution to avoid accidental harm. With proper usage, and proper precautions, you and your kids will be fine!