For years, Eversmoke e-cigarettes have been a leading name in the industry. They were among the first companies to introduce large-scale manufacturing and distribution for entry-level e-cigarettes, as well as branching out their product line to include a variety of different flavor cartridges. They have continued to bring excellence and technology together to create cig-a-like products for a new generation of vapers.

Now, Eversmoke will become a part of the larger VaporFi brand. VaporFi has built itself up over the last few years as a leader in innovation for advanced personal vaporizers. They have also gained a strong following thanks to their world renowned customer service team. They have the resources and ability to continue rolling out more advanced products, including making improvements upon Eversmoke’s cig-a-like models.

While VaporFi has largely served the advanced vape market since their inception, this change will allow them to offer more basic devices at a better price. In addition, vapers who begin with a simple cig-a-like model from the Eversmoke product line will already be familiar with the VaporFi brand and be able to make further investments in vaping within their comfort zone. Given that most vapers graduate from entry-level devices into more powerful mods over time, this is a natural progression that will serve customers positively.

Ultimately, the decision to bring Eversmoke and VaporFi together is one that will continue to enhance the ability of Eversmoke to deliver relevant and important products to those who wish to quit smoking or try vaping, while also broadening VaporFi’s horizons by greeting more new vapers with simple devices first.

With VaporFi’s team of engineers leading the way, the company is confident that they can bring a whole new life to entry-level e-cigarettes and provide more options for e-liquid cartridges and other accessories along the way.

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