Best Fall Vape Juice Flavors

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What’s the best thing about fall? No, it’s not the brisk days that turn into chilly nights. Nor is it the entrance of “sweater weather” heralding all fashion junkies to whip out their sweaters, boots, and long-johns. The very best thing about fall are the fall vape flavors, particularly when it comes to electronic smoking. Oh yes! Those sweet, savory, warm, rich and never appropriate for summer flavors, like spiced pumpkin, chocolate-laced coffee, the rich essence of Cuban cigars, and amaretto infused truffles!

As soon as the temps start dipping, who isn’t tempted to hightail it to the closest coffee shop to get their fill of the iconic pumpkin latte? In recent years, this flavor has become elevated to signature stature, and has become the defining flavor of fall. In that light, we have just unveiled one of our most exciting flavors yet: Pumpkin Spice Latte!

This one is sure to satisfy all of your fall-flavor cravings, and unlike those luscious lattes, when you vape our pumpkin spice e-liquid blend, you won’t have to deal with the calorie-induced guilt! In fact, since there are no calories, carbs, or grams of anything, you can vape to your heart’s content!

Lucky for you, Pumpkin Spice Latte also happens to be our blend of the month, so you can scoop up this 30ml bottle of goodness at a rather delicious price, currently 25% off through the month of October!

Some of our other fall favorites include Apple Crisp, The Godfather, Cuban Cigar, Amaretto Truffle, Double Apple Hookah, and ChocoJava; all of which taste extra delectable during this chilly season.

So, enjoy the autumn season, y’all! Enjoy that cooler weather, and if you’re located someplace that’s still balmy, grab some of these savory fall blends to make it actually feel like fall… At least to your taste buds!

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