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The Real Truth About Vaping

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As proud members of the electronic cigarette community, we often find it mind boggling, confounding, and painful to our common sense when we read some of the crazy headlines in regards to electronic cigarettes that are continuously being put out there. How does a lot of the stuff even get published and what is the real truth about vaping and e-cigarettes?

Case in point: the latest e-cigarette article published on the health sector of US news. In this article, the author paints a most ridiculous view of the average e-cigarette user, likening them to mindless, delusional fiends who don’t know the difference between reality and the stories meet up in their heads. Even more baffling than this misinformed author’s point of view, is the fact that a legitimate publication would stoop so low to print, (even on the Internet) an article with so little factual evidence. Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, spin, such as this “study” belittles the intelligence of anyone reading it.

Now, before you think this is just some pro-vape rant about the resistance, we’ve got better things to do. As an industry that is more tech-focused than actually smoking-focused, if the author did any research into this industry, they would understand that the average vaper is not only very well aware of what they’re doing when vaping, but they probably know more about the ins and outs of their devices, the electronic components involved in working their batteries, the technical facts such as volts, watts, and all of the science behind the product with firsthand experience. In other words, these people are way beyond delusion and mindless following of the herd.

What the author also fails to understand about electronic cigarettes is that these aren’t devices for quitting smoking with. They are designed as and marketed as  “alternatives” to the conventional, and electronic cigarettes offer users a tremendous amount of control over the entire process of smoking. They’re able to control almost every variable, and this allows them to take their nicotine habits into their own hands and manipulate the experience so that it may serve them.

And to address this comical article further, to have “scientists” making broad statements is not indicative of the entire electronic smoking population; this merely devalues their credibility. As most in the medical community know, statistics is not a black and white field, and therefore statistics can be manipulated in favor of just about anything, e-cigarette statistics included.

So my advice to you out there, vaper or not, smoker or not, intelligent human or not: don’t take everything you read at face value. Stay curious, research everything, and make decisions based on your own confidence.

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