This year marks the first time that many families across the nation are allowed to enjoy marijuana products recreationally within the bounds of the law. For some, this means gently bringing the topic up well in advance of their holiday plans and making sure their family is on board with them giving it a try and enjoying their new freedoms.

Once that hurdle has been cleared, it’s time to decide how you want to enjoy your bud this year.

Having the Talk

Even people who are generally in favor of legalization of marijuana are not necessarily on board with having it in their house. Tread lightly when you first approach the topic, and try to keep this year’s political tension to a minimum.

You can gently ask how your family thinks legalization will affect them, or if they are interested in partaking now that it is legal in their state. Let’s face it, most of our parents had their own wild youths, and they know their way around the plant, too! Getting them to open up in a conversation is the best way to test the waters.

Introducing Vape

Perhaps your family is not interested in smoking marijuana, but they may be interested in other alternatives like edibles or vaping.

Mashable recently wrote an article about bringing marijuana to Thanksgiving in which they recommend the VaporFi Orbit as a great way to get your family enjoying the benefits of dry herbs without the stigma of smoking.

The Orbit is a high-end dry herb vaporizer that is simple to use and understand. It provides a quality vaping experience even for those who are new to vaping or to marijuana in general.

The ease of use you experience with this device will have your whole family able to quickly refill the chamber and keep on vaping in no time. If they are non-smokers they will definitely appreciate the softer throat hit of the VaporFi Orbit as compared to smoking a joint.

Be Safe

In order for everyone in your family to enjoy this experience you need to take care to make it safe for everyone involved. Make sure nothing is left in the oven, and gather around to watch a fun movie or play board games together.

Don’t mix marijuana with alcohol or other drugs. If you have edibles available, make sure people are taking it slow and letting the effects of their edible make their way through their system before taking more to avoid getting sick.


Most of all, remember that just because you love your VaporFi Orbit and you want to share it with everyone, some people are unable to participate because of their employment or personal beliefs. Share with those who want to join you, but don’t push anyone if they don’t wish to partake.

The VaporFi Orbit can make a great addition to any holiday gathering with your family as long as you take the necessary steps in advance.