Hello, Canada!

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Hello, Canada! We are more than pleased to now be entering your beautiful land, bringing forth nicotine, where it has not gone before. From this day forth, you may now order VaporFi vape juices in the nicotine level of your choice, and receive them as international shipments! We are bringing the goods, ready to serve your population well with the finest e-liquids in all the land, with greater options and customizations to make the vapor experience that much more desirable. For Canadians, it is a great moment, indeed.

Canada changed their Vape Laws

Canada recently changed their laws, which previously prevented international shipments of vape juices containing nicotine. Now that laws have become more tolerant of people getting their nicotine on, we are quite excited to be of assistance. While it was an option to purchase nicotine-infused e-liquids in Canada previously, the products were not available to be shipped in from overseas. The issue here was rooted in that many vapers from all over the world, prefer USA-made vape liquids due to the strictest standards, the high quality, and the incredible experience of many USA brands who have lead the movement over the past decade.

Our vape juices have come to be loved the world over, as they offer a fine experience, a multitude of options, endless customizations to get exactly what you want, and of course, the availability of 30,000 different flavors. Ordering is simple too! On each vape juice product page, you will have the ability to select a variety of variables to ensure your juice is precisely what you want. You will choose your preferred PG to VG ratio, to get the consistency exactly how you want it. Then, you’ll choose your nicotine level, which will range from the strongest percentage of 3.6% to as low as 0.3%, or even 0% nicotine if that’s your thing. Last, you have the ability to select the number of flavor shots to be included in your juice, which ranges from 1-3, depending on the strength and concentration of flavor you want. All in all, it’s a simple process that allows you to customize liquids to your liking in a very efficient, convenient manner.

VaporFi eLiquids are available in a multitude of nicotine strengths, and we offer something for just about everyone. For the beginner vaper who has just started dabbling in vaping after smoking cigarettes, to the experienced vaper who seeks only the smallest percentage of nicotine; we’ve got the ability to serve the needs of all vapers in search of the perfect vape juice.

So kudos to Canada for modifying their laws to better serve their citizens who desire the option to purchase e-liquids with nicotine from international suppliers. Having the ability to deliver these goods with customized nicotine levels, to the fine vapers of Canada is a seriously great thing. We pride ourselves in offering vape juices of the highest caliber, which has enabled us the ability to serve our clientele on an international level. Now that we can serve our loyal customers in Canada with greater options and customizations, we are pleased to know the clouds will be enjoyed that much further.

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