We all know we should be getting a daily serving of CBD, but how?  Who has the time?  We’ve got some strategies to make incorporating CBD products into your daily personal wellness routine easy, fast, and possibly even fun!  Intrigued?  Check out the full post!

We’ve all heard about the variety of ways that CBD can:

  • enhance our personal wellness
  • provide a source of calming relaxation
  • deliver deep wells of sheer enjoyment

Like exercise, yoga, or meditation — CBD appears to have a cumulative effect, delivering superior results with regular servings.

This phenomenon then forces us to ask the question:

If daily servings of CBD provide better results, how come most of us aren’t getting our daily serving of CBD?

The answer in most cases comes down to routine and convenience.  You know how it goes:  You wake up, load up a coffee pod, jump in the shower, get dressed, and hit the road to work.

Why Plan Your CBD Day?

If you know exactly, down to the minute, how long it takes you to get up and leave your home in the morning — who wants to mess with perfection?  This situation is quite different, however.  We know we should be taking our CBD daily, so how can we accomplish that in a way that doesn’t complicate our daily rituals?  Keep reading!  We think we can help!


CBD in the Morning

daily routine cbd
Our morning routines present a unique set of challenges.  We may be groggy from a late night with friends, rushed due to an early deadline, or otherwise performing less than our best — regardless, getting our morning serving of CBD needs to be easy, quick, and can’t involve a lot of planning or preparation.

We don’t know anyone who has the time to go straight from their bed to a delightful bath infused with something like GRN’s CBD Bath Bomb — but if that’s how you’re living, you must be doing something right!

nu-x cbd tincture
nu-x cbd tincture

For most people’s routines, morning-friendly CBD options are probably going to come in the form of CBD tinctures, CBD oils, or CBD concentrates such as those available from top-quality manufacturers such as nu-x and Koi.

These formulations provide an easy way to get a nice serving of CBD in mere seconds, and who knows, might even take some of the stress out of your morning commute!  We offer a wide selection of incredible CBD oils, tinctures, and concentrates at VaporFi, all with Certificates of Analysis demonstrating their extraordinary quality, that are sure to make getting your morning CBD a breeze!

CBD in the Afternoon

Afternoons are a little bit easier, but depending on your work environment, may require a bit more thinking ahead!  For most people, afternoons mean being in an office, surrounded by coworkers, and trying to accomplish sometimes very complicated tasks.

grn cbd vape juice
Given the unpredictable nature of most people’s jobs, afternoons have the potential of being either a walk in the park or a full-on stress-fest!  Sound familiar?  Afternoons demand a CBD product that will keep you sharp, grounded, and calm… but most importantly – productive!

If you work outdoors, or can easily take a break outside, CBD vape juice or CBD Vape Pens like those from Stanley Brothers, nu-x, or Naked 100 may provide a quick and hassle-free way of fitting CBD into your work life without the danger of getting a big drop of CBD oil on the front of your favorite shirt!

CBD Edibles

If vaping isn’t your thing, CBD edibles may just be the perfect fit for getting your afternoon serving of CBD.  justcbd gummiesCBD edibles come in a variety of forms and flavors with options to satisfy nearly any palate and provide a way of getting your CBD that blends in with all of the other compulsive “snackers” in the office!  Whether you choose fun CBD gummies, like those from JustCBD or CBDfx; licorice, or CBD-infused dried fruit — VaporFi has an awesome selection of break room-friendly CBD edibles that are sure to add some “synergy” to your work day!

CBD in the Evening

Evenings may at first glance seem like an ideal time to get your serving of CBD!  Evenings may be slower paced than your mornings or afternoons, however, you may also be exhausted from a hard day, racing to get dinner on the table, or struggling to help the kids complete their homework.

CBD Topicals

Regardless of your evening schedule, you’re going to need a CBD product that will pamper you after your grueling day and get you ready to get some restful and recuperative sleep!  For evenings we suggest some of the wide variety of premium CBD topicals!  Hey!  Is now the time for Bath Bombs?

green roads cbd topical lotionYou bet it is!  Beyond a relaxing bath, there are plenty of other CBD topical options that make evenings a great time to fit in some CBD.

CBD lotions and creams from manufacturers such as Veritas Farms and Savage CBD are the perfect way to refresh your skin and get some CBD before climbing into bed!  If you really aren’t into lotions, Green Roads actually makes a tasty edible CBD product named “Sleepy Z’s” that offers top-grade hemp-derived CBD fortified with melatonin for a great night’s rest!

Whichever product you choose, and whenever you choose to take it, CBD provides an empowering way for you to take control of your personal wellness!  Thankfully, we live in a time that makes it possible for tons of manufacturers to offer this amazing molecule in a myriad of delicious, soothing, refreshing, possibly even invigorating forms!

About CBD Products at VaporFi

We put forth a lot of time and effort to make certain that the CBD products available at VaporFi are the absolute best of the best!  What does that mean?  It means that we carefully curate the products we carry, vet the manufacturers we source them from, and demand proof of their quality in the form of a current Certificate of Analysis!  If you’re ready to make CBD a part of your daily routine, we invite you to check out the incredible selection of CBD products on offer at VaporFi!