How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

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If one of the reasons you made the switch to vaping was to save money, you’re definitely not alone – the lower cost of vaping compared to traditional smoking is a definite plus. When you’re used to the high cost of a pack-a-day (or more!) habit, you might just be surprised to learn exactly how much money you’ll be able to save with vaping. Even after investing in a quality vape device and other necessities, your savings are likely to be pretty significant.

That being said, part of being a regular vaper is purchasing the vape supplies required for the upkeep of your device, including vape coils. Without functional coils, your vaporizer is virtually useless – so keeping them in tip-top shape is key. Replacing vape coils does come with a cost, but it’s a must for an enjoyable vape experience. 

Luckily, we’ve created a useful guide to maximizing the lifespan of your vape coils, breaking down our best tips for making coils last longer and perform better. With this information in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to stretch your vape budget farther than ever before – and enjoy your best-ever vape.

Your Vape Coils: The Basics

Regardless of where you are in your vaping journey, you might be asking yourself: What is a vape coil? Even seasoned vapers might not know exactly how a vape coil works or how it’s made, so there’s definitely no shame in realizing that it’s time you brushed up on your vape knowledge. 

Coils sometimes referred to as atomizer heads, are made up of a thin wire that’s been carefully wrapped into a coil shape. The coil is the portion of your vape device that’s responsible for heating up your e-liquid (or nicotine salts), warming it to the point of vaporization. It’s mostly thanks to the coils – and the battery that powers them – that you’re able to transform liquid vape juice into delicious, fluffy vapor. 

Coil Resistance Levels

When you’re searching for vape coils for sale, you’ll notice that they are generally categorized and labeled according to their resistance level, which is measured in ohms. The resistance level of your coils plays a critical role in your vape experience, so choosing wisely is important. 

Specific resistance levels allow you to customize your experience, giving you the power to prioritize the elements that are most important to you. For example, lower resistance coils typically produce more vapor, while higher resistance coils allow for a cooler vape. 

Types of Vape Coils 

The resistance level isn’t the only choice you’ll have to make when it comes to your vape coils. You’ll also have to consider what material you prefer (kanthal, titanium, and nickel are all popular options), as well as whether you want pre-made coils or are interested in DIYing your own. For vapers that enjoy having the ultimate level of control over their vape experience, purchasing vape coil wires and wicks become a regular part of their vape maintenance. 

Average Cost of Vape Coils 

One of the most common questions we hear from new vapers is, “How much do vape coils cost?” If you haven’t yet made the jump to vaping, we understand why this would be a point of concern. After all, you’re going to need to replace your vape coils on a regular basis.

The good news is that vape coils are relatively inexpensive, averaging between five and twenty dollars per pack. Price points can vary depending on the coil material and brand, as well as the number of coils contained in a pack. Depending on your personal budget, you should be able to find a mix of affordable options. Additionally, good vaping practices can help you go even longer between coil replacements, cutting costs even further.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

The lifespan of your vape coils depends on a few factors, including:

  • How often you vape
  • The temperature at which you vape
  • Your preferred e-liquid
  • How well you care for your coils
  • Whether or not you prime your coils

On average, a vape coil can last between 7 and 14 days, though some vapers can get a few weeks out of a coil. Even if you’re able to stretch your coils’ lifespan, know that coils aren’t meant to last forever – no matter how you vape or how careful you are, you’ll need to replace them. However, practicing smart vape habits can help you make the most of each pack and save money in the long run.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Coils 

Odds are, when you need to replace your coils, you’ll know – the shift in the quality of your vape experience is virtually unmistakable. Here are a few symptoms of a coil that’s ready to be put to rest for good:

Your vapor flavor Tastes Burnt

We’ve all eagerly taken a big mouthful of vapor only to experience an overwhelmingly burnt, acrid taste. The flavor is incredibly unpleasant, and usually foul enough that it will stop you in your tracks. If your vapor has a burnt taste, it’s likely time to swap out your coil. You may be able to salvage it for a few more days with a thorough cleaning, but you can generally consider that coil officially retired.

Your Vape Makes a gurgling sound 

Your vape device should never gurgle, and if it does, you need to investigate the cause immediately. Often, resolving a gurgling issue is as easy as installing a new coil, but it can sometimes be the sign of a more serious problem.

Vapor flavor that doesn’t seem quite right 

Before the terrible burnt taste of a worn coil, you’ll sometimes notice that your favorite flavors aren’t quite what you’re used to. You’re most likely to detect the “off” factor with e-juices that you enjoy regularly because you’ll be able to more easily notice a shift in flavor. Sometimes, the flavor will taste weaker than normal, or it can even seem like it’s mixed with other flavors. 

Your Vape Doesn’t Produce as Much Vapor

It’s normal for vapor production to decrease slightly as your coil ages, and by the end of the coil’s lifespan, vapor output will be at an all-time low. Although low vapor production can also be caused by a dying battery, an old coil is the most common reason. 

How to Make Vape Coils Last Longer

Now that you’re well-versed in all the basics of vape coils, you’re ready to learn how to make a vape coil last as long as possible.

Always prime your vape coils properly.

While it’s tempting to save a few minutes and skip priming your coils, this step is more than worth the effort. Priming makes a dramatic difference in how long vape coils last, and can also improve the overall quality of your vape experience. 

Avoid dry and burnt hits.

A burnt or dry hit is what happens when your device runs low on e-liquid, causing the coils to heat up the wicks rather than vape juice. If you’re taking burnt or dry hits, you’ll burn through your wicking materials (and coils) at a much faster rate. Instead, utilize your device’s puff timer to aim for three to five seconds between every hit. Also, get into the habit of refilling your vape tank once it’s about three-quarters empty. 

Choose lower wattages whenever possible.

There are very few scenarios in which any vaper would need to regularly vape at 200 watts or more – that would be like pushing your car to 200 MPH every time you drove. A good vape session typically clocks in between 55 to 80 watts, producing an excellent amount of vapor without putting unnecessary demands on your coils and device.

Keep your coils clean and fresh.

Regular coil maintenance is a necessity and will contribute to both your coils’ lifespan and the quality of your vape sessions. A few days of vaping is enough to gunk up your coils, which can wear them down and affect flavor. Here’s how to clean a vape coil in a few simple steps:

  • Blow out any remaining juice.
  • Using hot running water, rinse away leftover debris and liquid.
  • Gently shake out excess water, then let the coils air dry (ideally on top of a paper towel or lint-free cloth.
  • Reattach your coils to your device, pressing the firing button until they are completed heated. Make sure everything appears to be heating evenly and properly. Give them a few seconds to cool, then repeat this process.
  • Reassemble your vape and enjoy the flavor!

How to Prime Coils

Here it is, one of the most important steps you can take to extend the life and performance of your coils: priming. It’s quick and easy, but also critical to your vaping enjoyment, so avoid skipping the process at all costs. 

  1. First, screw your new coil into your device.
  2. Carefully place a drop of e-juice into each of the juice holes on the body of the coil’s head, saturating the wick. Add another drop inside the coil head to complete the saturation process.
  3. Fill the tank and put all of your device components back together. Take four or five dry hits (take a drag without hitting the firing button), giving the juice the opportunity to reach the cotton of the wick.
  4. Break in the coil by firing at a lower wattage than normal (taking short hits), then gently increasing both wattage and drag duration until you’re vaping as you typically would.

How to Choose the Best Vape Coils for You

So, now that you know how to take care of your coils and when to replace them, you’re ready to stock up – right? Vape coils are not one-size-fits-all, so save yourself time, money, and hassle by keeping these simple tips in mind:

Look for vape coils that are the same brand as your device. 

While it’s not impossible to find coils that are compatible across brands, it’s not typically the best choice. Generally, vape device manufacturers specifically engineer coils that are compatible with their devices, designed to maximize performance and produce the best possible experience. 

Look for coil options made by the same brand as your device, making sure to double-check that a specific coil will work with the model you have. Or, if you’re in need of a full vape set-up, consider buying a starter kit, which usually includes both the device and a mix of compatible coil options.

Always check the coil resistance to make sure it aligns with your preferences. 

One of the most common mistakes new vapers make when buying coils is forgetting to double-check the resistance level. Most coils are offered in at least a few resistance level choices, so you can choose accordingly to suit your preferred experience. 

You’ll usually be able to read the product descriptions (or check the manufacturer’s website) to determine the recommended wattage range for the resistance level of each coil type. Make sure that the coils you’re considering are suitable for the wattage range you vape at, and you’ll be setting yourself up for vaping success. 

Do your research if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. 

Particularly if you’re new to vaping, or even if you recently changed your vape device, reading up on the newest vape coils and top-rated options can be an excellent way to guide the shopping process. Check-in with reputable vape blogs, user reviews, and vape message boards to learn more about recently-debuted coils, and ask around for fellow vapers’ opinions as well.

Troubleshooting Vape Coil Issues

You found the perfect coils, primed them properly, and are ready to power up your device – but now, something has gone wrong. Even though installing pre-made coils is a fairly straightforward process, there is still some opportunity for error. Here are a few of the most common vape coil problems and their solutions, so you can get back to vaping as soon as possible:

Your vape device won’t fire after installing new vape coils. 

This is one of the most widely-experienced coil problems, but also one of the easiest to fix. If your device is refusing to fire after replacing the coils, you may have simply made a mistake during the installation. Empty out the tank, then unscrew the coil completely. Screw the coil back in, confirming that it is evenly and securely attached.

Your e-liquid has a burnt taste even though the coil is new. 

A brand-new, fresh coil should produce deliciously pure flavor – that is unless you’ve burned it out. If you accidentally took a dry pull from your vaporizer, you might be experiencing the dreaded burnt vapor flavor. You’ll need to empty your tank and refill it with fresh e-juice, then try again. If the odds are in your favor, your coil will still work, but if it doesn’t, you may need to replace it again.

Your atomizer is leaking after replacing vape coils. 

Nobody wants to go in for a good vape and end up with e-liquid all over their hands and clothes, but improper coil installation can cause exactly that. If your atomizer is leaking liquid after you’ve recently replaced the coils, try unscrewing and reinstalling the coil. Make sure it is screwed in tightly and evenly. 

Still, struggling with a vape device that’s acting up? Check out our blog for more troubleshooting help.

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