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Refilling your e-liquid may seem a little daunting at first, we know all about it! You don’t want to spill it, you don’t want to pour it down the wrong part of the tank, you certainly don’t want to waste any of your precious e-juice! So here’s what you need to know about filling your liquid without running into problems. Keep in mind, you will probably spend a little time, in the beginning, getting the hang of it, however, it won’t be long before you’re filling tanks like a pro!

The most common method of refilling a cartomizer is done by dripping the liquid in. This is the easiest way to do it, and the most guaranteed way of getting an accurate, spill-proof refill. Before you begin, make sure your battery is completely unscrewed from the tank. While it may seem like an extra, unnecessary step, it’s really important. Leaving it attached while you fill, and should a spill happen, your battery will be in the perfect position to get completely destroyed by the leak.

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How to Fill Your Tank:

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So, once you’ve got your battery unscrewed, remove the plastic cap. If you find a rubber ring beneath it, remove that as well. Once those are taken out and you have a clear view in, examine the area of the tank to make sure your wicks are in good condition and there are no burn marks around the wicks. If there are, dispose of it. Otherwise, proceed with the refill.

Hold the tank at a slight angle, and begin dripping the juice in one drop at a time, till you get between 25-30 drops. You don’t want to fill beyond 75% capacity or you will be getting fully acquainted with leaks. Now you can close up that tank, attach it the battery, and get to vaping without any hassles! Voila! That’s it!

Filling a vape tank isn’t particularly difficult, however, in the beginning, it’s an acquired skill. So worth the effort over using cartridges, and in time it will be like second nature!

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