Guide to Setting Up a Party Vape Bar

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Have a big party coming up? You’re probably looking for ways to make your next event memorable for your friends and family. This year, the idea of creating your very own vape bar is making its way up the charts. With proper planning, you can offer a variety of fun flavors and exciting VaporFi devices for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few tips to get things rolling:


It’s hard to plan a proper party vape bar unless you know how many people will be attending your event. You will need enough e-liquid and devices to keep everyone busy. However, most people will likely take turns at the vape bar so not everyone will be vaping at the same time.

If you are going to be providing devices for people to use, you may be able to rent some from a local shop or use your personal collection. In addition, many of your vaping guests likely will want to bring their own favorites to enjoy.

Buying E-Liquids for Your Vape Bar

In order to make your vape bar a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone at your holiday or birthday party, you need to have a variety of flavors available. Depending on the number of people attending, you can either buy e-liquids in small sampler packs or you can buy full-size bottles to go around. Sampler packs will give you the chance to add tons of variety, but will keep your vape sessions shorter. However, this is probably the most cost-friendly way to go. Just remember that having a good mix of VaporFi tobacco, fruit, dessert, and candy flavors will keep everyone happy, and you even can let your friends mix and match flavors as they go to create their own. Also, unless you know your friends will enjoy e-liquids with nicotine, you may want to stock up on some VaporFi nicotine-free options. This will make your vape bar all-inclusive for your guests.

Batteries and Chargers

If your vape bar is going to be a major attraction at your party, you need to be prepared to provide power for the devices you are using. Keep charging cables available for those devices that have built-in batteries, and keep spare batteries on the charge for those that are interchangeable. You definitely don’t want to run out of power halfway through the night. Just make sure you are keeping an eye on your chargers to keep things safe.


In addition to the batteries and chargers that you will be using for your vape bar, you should plan on having extra atomizers, coils, and wicks on hand. Once someone begins vaping with one flavor, it will be difficult to change flavors in the device after the wick is saturated without creating unwanted flavors. Keeping extra building materials will ensure everyone gets what they want and things stay clean.

Sanitary Considerations

Obviously, if you are going to have people sharing devices it is imperative that you keep things safe and clean. This can be done in one of two ways. You may choose to sanitize your drip tips after every use, or you can swap them out. If you choose to sanitize them, most people recommend using regular dish soap and warm water, as well as a soft rag to dry them.

For more extreme cleaning you always can dip them in a vodka bath for a bit and let the alcohol kill off any germs. If you feel the need to completely swap tips, you will spend a little bit of extra money but you can give each individual their own tip to carry with them to minimize the risk.

Other Thoughts

In order to make a vape bar really successful, you need to have plenty of space for people to sit and enjoy themselves. You also need to offer enough quality VaporFi products for people to achieve the experience they are looking for.

This is a good opportunity to share your love of vaping with people who are unfamiliar and showcase how your devices work. Adding a vape bar to your birthday or holiday party is a creative new way to bring one of your favorite pastimes to your friends.


If you want to know more about which e-liquids and products will be best for your event, stop by a local VaporFi shop or visit us online. We will be able to guide you through a selection of devices from very basic to very advanced so your guests can see the full range of possibilities.

In addition, you can sample many different e-liquid flavors in-store and put together the perfect menu for your friends. Sampler packs are already available as a simple solution that will offer plenty of range. Don’t forget to stock up on accessories and batteries while you’re there so you can keep your party vaping all night long.

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