Top Vape Juice Flavors 2019

Top Vape Juice Flavors of 2019

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Every vaper knows that as important as a top-performing vape device may be, every mod or pen is really only as good as the e-juice you put in it. If you’ve been vaping for any amount of time, odds are that you don’t just have one favorite vape juice – there’s probably a handful of e-liquids you find yourself reaching for time and time again. 

Here at VaporFi, choosing the best vape juice flavors of 2019 was no easy task, especially because this year’s flavor lineup includes a great mix of new debuts and long-time favorites. To help you build up your 2019 e-juice collection, we’ve assembled the top-rated customer picks, best-sellers, and our team’s personal must-haves in one handy guide to the top e-liquid flavors of the year.

Types of E-Juice Flavors

When it comes to the wide world of e-juices, there’s one thing that’s certain: there’s virtually no end to the variety of flavors available. From creative and eclectic to classic and traditional, there truly is a vape juice flavor out there for everyone. 

While there are tens of thousands of e-juice flavor possibilities – and that’s no exaggeration – you can generally categorize all flavors into a handful of categories of types. While you shop for e-liquids, you’re likely to see flavors broken down according to these basic types:

  • Tobacco: The rich, complex flavor of old-fashioned tobacco, inspired by the tobacco traditions all over the world.
  • Menthol: Minty-fresh and icy-cool, menthol is perfect for a midday refresher.
  • Fruity: Sweet, fresh fruit flavors including both classic and exotic tropical fruits.
  • Dessert: Donuts, cake, candy, fruit pies, chocolate, and more make up this indulgent flavor group.
  • Alcohol: Your favorite alcoholic beverage in the form of fluffy vapor – no designated driver required.
  • Coffee: Whether you take your coffee black, flavored and iced, or topped with sweet whipped cream, this e-liquid category is a tasty flavor buzz.


Vape Juice Varity

Top Vape Juice Flavors by Category

When the VaporFi team got together to choose the top 10 vape juice flavors for 2019, we wanted to make sure we gave you plenty of flavor options to keep your collection well-stocked all year. Here, you’ll find our favorite flavors broken down into ten flavor categories that we’re predicting will be taking the vape world by storm this year. Each category features our top picks, including a mix of brands, flavor blends, and juice types to choose from.



Tobacco is a vape juice flavor staple that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Even though this flavor category is the ultimate in timeless and traditional, don’t assume that it’s boring – there are plenty of unique variations to try.

  • Heavenly Clove Vape Juice is a flavor throwback to traditional clove cigarettes, packed with rich, complex flavor notes that create a wonderfully warming, delicious vapor. This blend is particularly enjoyable during the chillier fall and winter months and can be a unique addition to your tobacco flavor line-up.
  • Our Classic Tobacco Vape Juice is exactly that: classic, familiar, and perfectly understated. It’s a must for any tobacco lover and a great foundational flavor to have in your collection to enjoy anytime. 
  • Sahara Gold Tobacco Vape Juice stems from the ancient, exotic flavors of small-leafed tobacco blends, with an incredibly aromatic essence you’re sure to love. We also offer Sahara Gold Tobacco in our signature e-cig cartridges for convenient use with your VaporFi Express.
  • American Red Tobacco Vape Juice is a multi-layered tobacco blend that harkens back to the days of the Wild West and has earned a seemingly permanent spot among our top-rated customer favorites.
  • Tobacco Menthol Vape Juice is a flavor pairing that’s old as time, putting Western-inspired tobacco together with cool, icy mint for a traditional blend that never goes out of style.




Whether you prefer your minty fresh vapor in the form of traditional vape juice or a blend enhanced with CBD extract, there’s no shortage of menthol-flavored e-liquids for sale. 

  • Menthol Freeze Vape Juice is the ultimate in icy-cool, refreshing mint, earning perfect ratings from hundreds of VaporFi customers over the years. This chilly flavor is ideal for an anytime pick-me-up in the form of an enjoyably invigorating vape session.
  • Fresh Mint Vape Juice isn’t like most other mint vape juices – instead of artificial mint flavor, this e-liquid tastes just like a fresh mint leaf torn right off the plant.
  • Dinner Lady Oil Mint Tobacco Vape Juice is a carefully-crafted blend designed by one of the top juice brands on the market, combining crisp mint with rich tobacco for a THC-free, CBD-enhanced vape experience.
  • Lazarus Naturals Chocolate Mint is another CBD blend that achieves the ideal balance of flavors, pairing up chocolate and mint for a tasty and timeless creation. 



Fruit_Flavored EJuiceFruit

Stick to classic fruits like banana, cherry, and apple or mix things up with tropical blends worthy of an island vacation; whichever you choose, fruity vape juice flavors are a must in any collection.

  • Cherry Crush Vape Juice is a no-brainer flavor to add to your e-liquid collection, offering up the perfect cherry-inspired standalone that plays equally well when mixed with chocolate, vanilla, and many other flavors. 
  • Just Brands Blueberry Vape Cartridges pair the fresh taste of a juicy, perfectly ripe blueberry with premium CBD extract for an easy-to-use e-liquid that you can take on the go. Made with all-natural CBD and organic flavors, this e-juice blend absolutely exceeds industry standards.
  • The BLUUM Disposable Pod in Mango makes it simpler than ever to add CBD to your vape routine, with disposable pods that eliminate mess and cut down on hassle. The mango flavor is sweet without being saccharine and includes 100mg of pure CBD isolate.
  • Dinner Lady Oil Sweet Fruits CBD Vape Juice is a THC-free blend made using the best in CBD extracts, offering you a range of options when it comes to your preferred CBD concentration. The Sweet Fruits flavor tastes like a delicious mash-up of all your fruit basket favorites in one refreshing blend.
  • Blue Razzle Berry might not be a fruit you find growing on any tree or vine, but this fruit-flavored vape juice is a must-try for any berry lover. We’ve taken tart raspberry and sweet blueberry then combined them in perfect ratios for a slightly sweet, slightly sour, and completely delectable flavor blend.
  • Mango Tango Vape Juice creates a vapor so fruity and sweet that you’d almost think you’re biting into a ripe, juicy mango. For a fruity flavor favorite that’s a step up from traditional blends, Mango Tango is definitely worth trying.
  • Juicy Fruit Vape Juice can give you all the sweet summertime vibes even in the dead of winter, mixing watermelon and strawberries together to transport you directly to fruity nirvana.


Strawberry Flavored E-Juice
Strawberry E-Juice



Strawberry technically falls under the umbrella of fruity vape juice, but there are so many creative combinations with a strawberry spin that we felt like it deserved its very own category title.

  • Strawberry Chill Vape Juice is a creative take on classic strawberry, pairing it with the fresh taste of menthol for a sweet but icy combination you won’t be able to resist.
  • Strawberry Milk Vape Juice is another longtime customer favorite, taking the creamy taste of strawberries and cream and transforming it into wonderfully fluffy vapor.
  • Strawberrylicious Vape Juice is a cornerstone of any fruit-flavored vape juice foundation, delivering authentic strawberry taste without any artificial unpleasantness. Enjoy this one as a solo flavor or get creative and mix it up with chocolate, cream, or other fruit flavors.




Dessert Flavored E-Juices
Skip the sugar-laden sweet treats and satisfy your dessert craving with one of these decadent vape juice flavors instead. Cake, donuts, candy, and more – what’s not to love?

  • Carnival Cotton Candy Vape Juice will instantly call up all your childhood memories of spending the day at the state fair, snacking on airy spun sugar in the classic cotton candy cone while riding high on the giant Ferris wheel.
  • Marshmallow Vape Juice is the perfect flavor for when you just want something sweet but simple. Try this timeless flavor on its own or mixed up with chocolate and graham cracker for a mouthwatering s’mores blend.
  • Bomb Pops Vape Juice is inspired by the red, white, and blue ice pops everyone loved as a kid, giving the blueberry, cherry, and lemon flavor combination a grown-up spin. This excellent blend is summertime in a bottle and a surefire hit all year long.
  • Glazed Donut Vape Juice gives you all the satisfying sweetness of a freshly-made donut coated in crunchy glaze without sending you into a sugar coma for the rest of the day.
  • Very Vanilla Vape Juice is a classic blend that everyone should have in their e-liquid line-up, whether you prefer your vanilla in bottled or cartridge form.
  • Hot Cinnamon Vape Juice is a bold, spicy take on the bite-sized cinnamon candies you can find in every movie theater, giving you the perfect option for changing up your dessert-style vaping with something new.
  • Maple Syrup Vape Juice might raise some eyebrows – after all, it’s not likely that you’ve ever found yourself wanting to sip straight shots of maple syrup. However, this sweet, velvety flavor replicates the exact taste of anything maple you’ve ever loved – maple donuts, maple syrup-topped pancakes, and beyond – so it’s definitely one you’ll want to add to your sugary stash.



Tropical Fruit Flavor Vape JuiceTropical

Wishing you had the vacation time and funds for an express flight to the nearest tropical hot spot? Top off your vape with one of these tropical vape juices for a relaxing vape session that’s (almost) as good as an island vacation.

  • Island Pineapple Vape Juice tastes just like a juicy slice of fresh-cut pineapple, packed with authentic tropical flavor that will transport you straight to the beach.
  • Caribbean Toasted Coconut Vape Juice is like a tropical getaway in a bottle, giving you the rich taste of island coconut in every puff.
  • Lazarus Naturals Tropical Breeze delivers all-natural CBD isolate with a tropical fruit punch, combining your preferred CBD strength with 100 percent organic flavoring. Sail away into CBD paradise with this taste tropical blend you’re sure to enjoy.
  • Tropical Escape Vape Juice is exactly what it sounds like – a deliciously fruity experience that will leave you feeling that post-vacation glow. Coconut, pineapple, and kiwi come together in this island blend that’s delightfully sweet and exotic.
  • VaporFi GRND RSRV Island Frost Vape Juice takes you on a tropical flavor journey with a complex blend of pineapple, coconut, blueberries, lime, and crisp mint. This tropical e-liquid creates a flavor experience that’s almost like sipping an ice-cold fruity smoothie while kicking back on a white sandy beach.




With these delicious flavors inspired by alcoholic beverages, you won’t have to wait for happy hour to enjoy your favorite drink. 

  • Cuban Mojito Vape Juice shakes up the flavors of mint, lime, and sugar for a refreshing take on the classic beverage – no bartender necessary.
  • Egg Nog Vape Juice makes it possible to enjoy this holiday beverage year-round, blending sweet cream with a hint of cinnamon in a deliciously nostalgic blend.
  • Sparkling Champagne Vape Juice is a tasty flavor that will have you toasting anything and everything with mildly sweet vapor inspired by bubbly.
  • Pina Colada Vape Juice whips up the flavors of fresh pineapple, coconut, and island rum in one refreshing blend – all you’re missing is the brightly-colored drink umbrella and the poolside lounge chair. 
  • Top Shelf Bourbon Vape Juice sets the stage for an after-work vape session, giving you an enjoyable way to wind down with the flavor of premium bourbon. This top-rated flavor is rich, complex, and deliciously luxurious, just like real bourbon but without the need for a designated driver.




Coffee vape juices are a great option for early morning vape sessions, or anytime you want a little pick-me-up that tastes like a fresh cup of joe. Go classic coffee or indulge in a sweet, latte-style blend instead of dropping six bucks at your corner coffee shop.

  • Double Espresso Vape Juice is a jolt of flavor coffee lovers will surely love, reminiscent of the expertly-crafted espressos from the best coffee shop in town.
  • Java Jolt Vape Juice updates the old coffee-and-cigarettes combo, kicking smoke and tar to the curb and leaving you with a sweet, rich, and complex flavor blend you’ll reach for every morning.
  • VaporFi GRND RSRV Catch Ya Latte Vape Juice is one of our premium blends, stirring together steamed milk, hot espresso, hazelnut, and sweet cream for a latte-esque vape that doesn’t require a stop at the crowded coffeehouse. 
  • Chai Vape Juice might technically be a tea-inspired blend, but it’s a no-fail favorite for anyone who’s ever experienced the uniquely spicy flavor of a chai latte. 



Chocolate Vape Juice


Is there anybody that doesn’t love chocolate? Maybe, but we’re willing to bet that they are few and far between. These chocolate-inspired flavors run the gamut from super sweet to dark and rich.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Vape Juice makes it possible to enjoy your favorite candy treat anytime, pairing up the made-for-each-other flavors of sweet milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter. 
  • Mountain Mint Chocolate Vape Juice perfectly captures the decadent taste of the after-dinner chocolate mints that are usually reserved for expensive restaurants and fancy steakhouses, turning it into an anytime vape you won’t want to miss.
  • Chocolate Cake Vape Juice is a flavor every chocolate aficionado needs in their collection, featuring the indulgent taste of perfectly-baked chocolate cake and sweet, creamy chocolate frosting.
  • Mama’s Hot Chocolate Vape Juice will take you back to your childhood seat at the kitchen table, sipping piping hot cocoa topped with melted marshmallows and whipped cream. Don’t tell your mama, but this vape juice is every bit as good as her secret recipe cocoa.



Ice Cream Vape Juice
Ice Cream Vape Juice

Ice Cream

No matter what your favorite ice cream flavor is, you can probably find a deliciously sweet, creamy e-liquid flavor to match.

  • Butter Pecan Ice Cream Vape Juice is sweet with a touch of savory, combining decadent caramel with rich vanilla and finishing off with the smooth, buttery flavor of pecans.
  • VaporFi Bites Vanilla & Caramel Swirl Vape Juice is reminiscent of a classic ice cream sundae, complete with creamy vanilla ice cream, homemade caramel sauce, and mouthwatering Bavarian cream.
  • Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Vape Juice embodies the timeless summertime sweet treat you loved as a kid, turning the beloved strawberry shortcake ice pops into a vape-friendly format that will definitely take you back. 



Why Buy from VaporFi

Whether you stick with a VaporFi brand e-liquid or mix it up with a few of your other favorite brands, you can be sure that every juice you find in our online selection has one thing in common: exceptional, unparalleled quality. Forget the bland or poorly performing vape juice you’ve been disappointed by in the past because every e-liquid we offer is the ultimate in pure flavor, excellent vapor quality, and top-of-the-line ingredients. Plus, VaporFi is the perfect place to stock up on any and every vape necessity you’ll ever need, including e-juice, mods, vape pens, accessories, and more.

Check out VaporFi’s collection of vape juice and find your next e-liquid favorites today!

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