VaporFi E-Liquid FlavorsSo, have you amassed quite a collection of e-liquids in your time? Try our Blend of the Month religiously every month? Enjoy sampling all the offerings of having 30,000 + flavors at your disposal? Grown quite the collection of e-liquid flavors to choose among on a daily basis? Yeah, you aren’t the only one! However, are you wondering how to store e-juice?

You’ve probably heard some different accounts; some say keep it in the fridge, some say out of the light, some say in the closet… Well, here’s our take on it, and why you need to pay attention to how you store your e-liquids. Keeping that flavor as fresh as possible for as long as possible is important! Maximum enjoyment is at stake, and considering each bottle is an investment, it’s best to protect it!

Get Away From the Light and the Heat!

Light and heat are not good for your e-liquid. You need to store it away from heat and light sources, especially direct sources. These will affect the quality quickly, and can really put a hit on the flavor.

To Freeze or Not to Freeze?

Don’t freeze. It’s a temperature extreme, and like wine, temperature extremes are not good. Room temperature or cooler is ideal; between 65-72 degrees F is perfect.

What About the Fridge?

Eh… we’d suggest not, but if you insist, allow your juice to come to room temperature before using if you’re keeping it in the fridge.

Long Term

If you’re storing liquid for the long term, think cool, dark places, away from direct light/ sunlight, no temperature extremes, and you must not even think about keeping your juice in the little plastic bottles they arrive in for an extended amount of time. BIG no-no. Invest in airtight, tinted glass bottles with droppers, specifically designed for long-term storage of liquids. This is SO important for the flavor preservation.

E-liquid: it’s a total essential. It costs a pretty penny, is basically like your lifeblood when it comes to vaping, and can become a hobby in and of itself because finding that perfect flavor is a serious win! Store it right and it will last you; hope this tips were useful!