We are ringing in the New Year with some awesome flavor, vape fam! As the hangover of the holidays fades into the start of a clean slate and a new course around the sun, we are looking ahead with promise and our sites set on vaping deliciously! This month, we are pleased to be featuring a pretty phenomenal flavor as our Juice of the Month, and we hope you’re ready for some killer flavor because GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard in 60ml bottles will be specially priced at just $19.99 for the entire month of January! As one of our most popular flavors, we hope you’re ready to kick 2019 off in style and in good taste! So do your fine selves a favor and grab a bottle or two; flavor this good at such a good price doesn’t come often!

GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard
GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard: Our Juice of the Month

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GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard is a magical flavor; the name probably tips that off. This juice is a time-honored taste that scores of vapers have declared among the best the vape juice market has to offer; this flavor is a treat to vape! It is a sensational creation and it offers a rainbow bevy of fruit tastes combined with the creamy, smooth flavor of custard, resulting in a tart, dessert-like experience, unlike any other. The base of this vape juice flavor is rich, velvety Crème Anglaise custard and it gets paired with the bright, fresh, juicy flavors of tangy strawberries and aromatic tangerine. The balance of cream and citrus is otherworldly and the result is a perfectly balanced dance of smooth and tart flavors. This juice is like nothing else you’ve ever vaped, and for the sweet price of $19.99 for 60ml bottles, we’re sure you’re going to want to take advantage of this deal!

GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard 60ml bottle

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VaporFi’s Juice of the Month is all about putting the spotlight on a vape juice flavor we think you need to get into your rotation. As you’re probably aware, we offer a myriad of different flavors (over 30,000 of them, if you want to get technical) and we know how important it is to have great juice in your tanks. Every month we feature a new flavor in hopes of broadening your horizons and keeping things exciting; your vape flavor should never be boring! The GRND RSRV collection of juices is among the finest offerings on the vape market, and if you’ve never experienced them, now is your chance to do so at a very sweet price, indeed! Top quality and crafted by experts, these juices are sure to take your vaping to a whole new level of pleasure.


For January, we are kicking 2019 off with a wildly delicious Juice of the Month to get things started on the right path, and what could be better than amazing flavor and phenomenal vape juice? VaporFi’s GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard offers a rainbow of delectable flavor, and it will surely have your tastebuds happy. We hope you’re ready for a kick-ass year ahead because we sure are! So get January’s Juice of the Month, guys; this is a flavor you need in your rotation and there’s nothing like scoring top-quality vape juice at a killer price!

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