June’s Contest-Winner is Smokin’ Crackers!

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Holy smokes! This month, our Contest Winner has served up some seriously tasty vapor and we hope you’re ready to sample the goods! Smokin’ Crackers is this winner this time around and when you experience the flavor, you’re going to be mind-blown by how wildly delicious it is! All month long, Smokin’ Crackers vape juice will be priced at 25% off, giving you the perfect reason to grab some. Buckle up and get ready for some fireworks; this flavor is too hot to handle!

Smokin' Crackers
Smokin’ Crackers June’s Content Winner

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Every month, we give you, our loyal vapers, the chance to share your vision with the world. While we love coming up with great flavors to keep your lives tasty, we know you guys are every bit as good as we are… and your creativity is so worth sharing with the world! And such, the monthly flavor contest was born and every month, you get the chance to be crowned the winner and have your special creation heralded as our “Contest Winner!” It’s always a pleasure and it’s always delish, plus, who doesn’t love expanding their horizons and trying something new?

So, what does Smokin’ Crackers taste like? Ever crave a smoke after eating your dessert? Love the way tobacco complements a sweet dish? Salivating over tobacco-infused custards? Smokin’ Crackers is a lot like the name says; it’s a deliciously smooth taste that combines a rich range of flavors that create a dessert-tobacco blend like none other. It’s a potent one, alright, and so pleasantly relaxing, it very well may become your next fave dessert vape!

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The flavor begins with a velvety base of American Red Tobacco, setting it straight right from the start what road this flavor is going down. However, tobacco isn’t the only aspect of this vape blend. As the inhale rolls around your tastebuds, the smooth, creamy essence of Very Vanilla comes in, soon to be rounded out by the sweet, pastry-like flavor of Graham Cracker. The waves of flavor and the rich robustness of this blend are an absolute experience to behold! It’s not just a sweet tobacco or a classic tobacco blend; this flavor strongly spotlights the bold taste of American tobacco, keeping it strong and pronounced from start to finish. The additions of vanilla and graham cracker are the perfect touches of intricate flavor, adding depth and interest to the tobacco. Simply, if tobacco-dessert flavors are your jam, this blend will have you vaping nonstop! Hence why we had no choice but to select Smokin’ Crackers as our Contest Winner for the month!

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Vape fam, this flavor is not to be passed up or allowed to slip by! If you love the rich flavor and have a particular desire for tobacco vapes, this is the one you need to be vaping right now. All month long, we have this delectable juice on special, so do your fine selves a favor and grab a few bottles while they’re priced at 25% off! Our vapers don’t mess around; when it comes to creating contest-winning flavors, you guys do it right. If you’ve got a particular blend in mind, make sure you submit it for next month. Until then, vape on and enjoy this phenomenal vape!

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