VaporFi's Manager Special Vape JuiceVaporFi has just released another round of tremendous vape juice choices ranging from super sweet to delicately warm. Right now, we are featuring a delicious flavor called Manager’s Special as our vape juice flavor of the month.

What is Manager’s Special?

Imagine a warm, fresh donut, coated with a perfect glaze of strawberry icing. You can taste the dough with all of its sugar and butter melting in your mouth. You can even imagine the sprinkles on top as they crumble away from the strawberry glaze. It’s a perfect rendition of everybody’s favorite breakfast treat.

Manager’s Special has absolutely earned the title Top Vape Juice Blend of the Month for its amazing flavor!

The Details

At VaporFi, we have gone above and beyond to make this vape juice stand up to some of the toughest scrutiny in the industry. Not only are all of the ingredients rated better than food grade, they are also kosher certified.

We have gone to the trouble of having our labs FDA registered, and we have sourced all of our nicotine and glycerin from top-rated vendors.

We are also among some of the first vape juice manufacturers to track lot codes on our bottles so that if a customer ever has a problem, we can trace it back to its source.

The end result is an incredibly high-quality vape juice that stands out for its consistently perfect flavor, with fewer quality issues than anywhere else.

VaporFi knows that our valued customers vape with a variety of different set-ups, so we have made this flavor available in both a 50/50 and 70/30 PG/VG mix. It performs well in both cases with a strong donut flavor on the front end and a melty strawberry kick right at the end.

Contest Winners

In addition to VaporFi’s vape juice of the month feature, we also polled our users online to see which other flavors are worthy of an award.

According to the fans, White Turtle is the current favorite.

Not only was this flavor picked by users as their favorite, it was also completely created by a fan during our Customer Blend of the Month contest! One special fan suggested the combination of toffee, custard and subtle hazelnut to create this unique flavor that has performed well ever since.

It tastes as if you took a bite of a flaky pastry filled with a soft custard center and topped with just a sprinkle of chopped nuts. Everyone is enjoying this flavor right now!


VaporFi has a wide range of vape juice flavors available and we host monthly contests for user-created blends as well as featuring some of our own favorites from the lab.

Our website allows you to create your own custom blends as well and submit them for contests in the future. Keep an eye out for next month’s big winners to discover some new great vape juice flavors!