VaporFi Nicotinne E-LiquidThere’s a lot of discussion these days about nicotine. Nicotine e-liquid, to be exact, and it’s safety regarding those who should not be getting their hands on it. While nicotine is safe under adult usage, if not used correctly it can present dangers, similar to alcohol or other types of common household drugs. It is not intended to be handled by anyone who isn’t over the age of 18, and completely aware of its nature.

Nicotine can be very dangerous, even fatal, if ingested wrongfully. As the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown, so have the number of calls to poison control agencies regarding accidental ingesting incidents. While it’s generally safe for adults who come into contact with e-liquids, and certainly safe when vaporized and inhaled, even the smallest amount of nicotine liquid can pose a big risk to small children. And it’s not just in cases of ingestion, it can be just as dangerous when absorbed through to skin as well.

One effort we have put into place to ensure the safety of children is by having child-proof caps on all of our e-liquid bottles, and this is something we will not compromise on. There is impending legislation regarding such a measure, but we understand the dire nature of it, and implemented it before it was even in discussion. It’s just common sense and we want both our users to enjoy our products fully, and the children who may possibly come into contact with them to be safe at all costs.

Our advice to users who have young children, or are ever around them is to seriously and consciously make an effort to keep your vape gear, especially e-liquids away from, and out of the reach of children. Lock your gear up, if need be. Safety is imperative, and being careless with an item that has the potential to be used wrongfully create unnecessary risk.

We love nicotine, make no mistake about it. We enjoy it thoroughly, and enjoy the amazing sensations it avails. However, we don’t take our enjoyment of nicotine lightly; our liquids belong only in the hands of adults, and we’re doing our part to ensure the safety of any kids who come into contact with it. When it comes to nicotine liquid and young ‘uns, there is no getting around it: play it safe.