Get ready to bite down on a new opportunity with us! The VaporFi team has exciting news for fans of the renowned vape retailer Vapor Shark– they’re moving into our neighborhood! You’ll now be able to find all your favorite gear and brands offered by Vapor Shark under the VaporFi banner– along with all of your favorite Vapor Shark exclusive e-liquids, too! We’re excited to fold Vapor Shark into our journey to bring you the best products and brands available, and we’re sure you’ll be excited, too.

Hailing from Miami, FL, Vapor Shark began in 2010 as a grassroots operation to enhance the world of smoking by shifting customer focus to vapes. Swimming into their first storefront in 2012, Vapor Shark quickly became a groundbreaking source for customers interested in leveling up their cloud game. Being fairly new technology at the time, there was plenty of work to do, and plenty of room for improvement. Through consulting more brands, curating high-quality products and e-liquid, and honing their knowledge of how the vaping industry can change the smoking world, Vapor Shark became an authority in the industry. For this reason, we’re eager to get Vapor Shark on board and to keep the transition as smooth and streamlined as possible. Vapor Shark shoppers will be stoked to discover that their account login info, as well as their purchase history, will be transferred to VaporFi for all your shopping and cloud-blowing convenience. If you’re still curious about this new acquisition, we encourage you to reach out to our support team with any and all of your questions. We’d love to hear from you!

The world of vaping is one that constantly evolves– for this reason, every brand, retailer, manufacturer, and brick-and-mortar shop has to be prepared to change with the industry. From new laws to exciting new products and technologies, the name of the game is keeping up; that’s where VaporFi and Vapor Shark both come in. Now being a mostly-online retailer, we’re able to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, learning about the latest gear that makes vaping easier, smoother, and cloudier. From finding sweet, wild, and bold new flavors to hosting the most reliable rigs we can offer, we’re constantly trying to bring our A-game, so that our customers only work with the best, and receive the best products on the market. For those who have always shopped with Vapor Shark, don’t worry– the VaporFi collections of accessories, e-liquids, and starter kits will now be home to all of your favorite Vapor Shark brands and exclusive e-juices, too!

The most recent development in the smoking and vaping world is the ever-expanding plane of Delta products. This new selection of THC derivatives offers customers a new way to relax, with methods that will feel familiar to most smokers and vapers alike. From cartridges to gummies, customers can count on VaporFi to offer a wide range of goods that deliver a premium experience, and we’re even more excited to add Vapor Shark’s own inventory into ours, as well. Loyal VaporFi customers will probably note the increase in variety, and we’re looking forward to introducing a huge list of new gear, accessories, and flavors for everyone to try out. Keep an eye out in places like our flavors collection for all sorts of new tastebud-sizzling and soothing options to try out, as we’ll be bringing over the Vapor Shark arsenal to help enhance what we have to offer.

So, join us in giving Vapor Shark a warm welcome into VaporFi’s waters. We can’t wait to grow more into this ever-changing industry, and we know that the inclusion of Vapor Shark customers and products alike will only help us move forward confidently. Thanks for continuing to rock with VaporFi, and if you’re joining from Vapor Shark, welcome to the neighborhood! We’re here to help beginners and vape veterans alike, and can’t wait to continue working with you.