We’ve all heard a lot about CBD lately, and given the amount of overwhelmingly positive press this molecule has received, the question is not “if” you should try it, but “how” and ‘when”!

We’re excited to introduce you to one of the simplest and most affordable ways we’ve found to experience premium CBD! We’re talking about “disposables” or disposable CBD vape devices, but not just any disposables — nu-x disposables!

What’s the difference and what does it mean to you? That’s the focus of this post!

You may not be familiar with the incredible nu-x brand or its product line. As a relatively recent addition to the entirely new CBD industry, an industry saturated with eager and enthusiastic manufacturers looking to make a name for themselves, it’s easy to miss hearing about some of the really exciting brands, news, and products out there!

Nu-x’s launch of premium CBD disposables is pretty exciting news indeed! From their founding, nu-x has clearly stated their dedication to the principles of accuracy, transparency, and quality! That dedication manifests as a product line featuring the purest, delicious, and reasonably priced premium CBD products in existence! Excited yet? Ok, ok, we’ll tell you more!

Featuring the power and performance only found in devices produced by renowned disposable vape manufacturer CCell, nu-x disposables combine the convenience and portability of CCell technology with impressively high-quality CBD! Committed to setting a new standard for quality in the CBD industry, nu-x disposables offer much more than an enjoyable way to get your daily serving of CBD — they also provide a less expensive means for sampling the nu-x product line! This is important because nu-x products are not cheap — truly great products rarely are, but we understand that price can be a sticking point especially if you aren’t already familiar with the products.

We believe that after trying nu-x’s awesome CBD disposables, the price of their CBD concentrates, tinctures, and e-liquids will make a lot more sense! After all, It’s not every day you come across CBD that meets nu-x’s standards for purity and quality!

In addition to top-quality CBD, nu-x disposables afford an opportunity to experience the range of naturally inspired terpene-based flavors that enhance the enjoyment of these units. While the flavors are not the typical, sometimes overly sweet blends commonly found in the vape world — they are complex, interesting, and delicious. That said, let’s take a look at the variety of flavors on offer in these awesome devices:

Azure CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Azure: This creation has been modeled after the terpene profile found in the Strawnana-based cannabis strains. Featuring mild and nuanced undertones of strawberry and banana in combination with bolder herbal and subtle berry notes.


Nu X Azure

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Rhea CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Rhea: This complex profile was compiled to recall the flavors found in the Forbidden Fruit cannabis strain. Bright evergreen notes are accented with delicate hints of passionfruit in this contemplative blend.


Nu X Rhea

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Sedona CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Sedona: Inspired by the various flavors located within the Lemon Cake cannabis strain, Sedona’s challenging blend of flavors includes bright citrus, aromatic pine wood, delicate shades of cheese, and strong herbal notes.


Nu X Sedona

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Oceana CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Oceana: A grounded and well-balanced blend, Oceana envelops premium CBD with distinct notes of evergreen pine, aromatic woods, and an extremely subtle tint of blueberry. Oceana’s flavor profile was created to recall the flavor sensations of the OG Kush cannabis strain.


Nu X Oceana

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Terra CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Terra: Comforting and familiar, Terra features an intriguing mixture of flavors representing cedarwood, evergreen pine, balanced shades of earth, and background notes of sour hops. Based on the AC/DC cannabis strain, Terra is an excellent choice for those seeking a naturally inspired CBD blend.

Sounds pretty great, huh? Well, when we at VaporFi heard about nu-x’s ironclad commitment to quality, we knew we had to offer their awesome products to our discerning customers. If you’ve been looking for an affordable, convenient, and simple way to experience the enjoyment possible with premium CBD and natural terpene-based flavor profiles then nu-x’s CBD disposables are a perfect choice! Check out the entire nu-x line of meticulously produced CBD products at VaporFi today!


Nu X Terra

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