October Vape Juice of the month

October Juice & Blend of the Month and Our EJuice Contest Winner!

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It’s a new month and a new round of savings are coming your way, vapers! This month, we’ve got some great juices that are on special, so we hope you’re ready for some new flavor.

Read on to see what we’ve got in store for you; it’s gonna be a tasty month as we kick off fall the right way! Happy savings and happy vaping, everyone!

Go Pink Vape Juice

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The Blend of the Month: October

Go Pink Vape Juice

October is all about commemorating everything “pink” and we have the perfect flavor to keep this vibe going with our Blend of the Month.

VaporFi’s Go Pink Vape Juice is a fabulous taste, offering the bold fruit flavors of cherry and watermelon and a rush of cool menthol. Through the month, you can score this fab flavor for just $11.99, making it the perfect deal to get some great flavor into your tanks or vape pods.

This is a blend not to miss, so be sure to celebrate your October right with our Blend of the Month! At this price, it’s worth it to grab a few bottles to keep your juice collection well-stocked!

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The October Vape Juice Contest Winner

VaporFi Sweet Delight Vape Juice

When our customers create blends, the outcomes are typically awesome. Every month, we crown a new customer creation our Contest Winner, and you bet they are worth vaping!

This month, our October Contest Winner is a super sweet one and we hope you’re up for a flavor that’s truly going to blow your mind! If you’re in need of an indulgent escape, Sweet D’Light Vape Juice will hook it up!

This flavor is a delectable blend of Chocolate Delight, Blueberry Blast, and Belgian Waffle, presenting a lusciously sweet, rich, blueberry-infused creation that is perfect as a breakfast vape or a dessert vape, any time of the day! You can grab this juice for just $11.99 all through October, so we highly encourage you to do so!

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Vape fam, October is looking mighty fine! We hope you’re down with great flavors, new experiences, and savoring the season. Our Blend of the Month, Juice of the Month, and Contest Winner e-liquids are sure to deliver the bomb clouds we know you love.

We are all for delivering the monthly deals and are certainly pleased to offer up great savings. So, check out these flavors and delight in the great tastes coming your way.

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