SMOK Disposable Vape Review

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SMOK is one of the most trusted and respected vape device brands, period. “Innovation Keeps Changing the Vaping Experience” is their motto and they definitely live up to it. They consistently push the envelope with the impressive vape technology they offer.  The brand has led the way in developing several key pieces of vaping technology over the past decade. They’ve set new standards of quality indevlopeling sub ohm tanks for cloud chasing vapers. They’ve also pioneered using dual coils in vapes and implementing bluetooth into devices. Their customizable UI’s have made vaping a fully engrossing user experience for many. The company has also pushed the limit of what vapes can do, popularizing box mods with a maximum output of over 200 watts – and all of this with an eye for sleek futuristic aesthetics. Now SMOK has brought all of this expertise into the disposable vape arena. After years of folks asking “does Smok make disposable vapes?” The answer is a resounding yes. 

Enter the SMOK IPX BAR 4000 Puffs Disposable Vape

This compact device manages to contain 8.3mL of e-liquid. This capacity is rated for an incredible 4000 puffs. This is a significantly higher e-liquid capacity than competitors such as the Meta Drop, Pachamama synthetic, and Air Factory Air Stix series. In addition, the array of vape juice flavors on offer is absolutely amazing. Classic tobacco has the perfect timeless smoky flavor. Strawberry bananas tantalize your taste buds with sweet fruity goodness. Menthol and the various ice flavors available (such as Mango Ice and Watermelon) offer refreshing, chilly flavor profiles. A 5% (50mg) synthetic nicotine salt strength provides a satisfying nicotine experience that is smooth and refined. The 1.0 ohm mesh coil heats the e-liquid evenly and perfectly, ensuring superior flavor production. 

In use, a draw-activated firing mechanism makes these devices a piece of cake to operate. Enjoying delicious mouth-to-lung vaping has never been easier.  The compact form factor means the IPX Bar can fit into any pocket, backpack, purse or glove compact. Design-wise, each flavor comes in its own fun unique bright color. The device is also ergonomic and feels great in the hand. 

In terms of power specs, the integrated 1350mAh battery makes this device punch way above its weight in terms of power output and battery life. The device can also be recharged which is a novel and well-appreciated feature for a disposable vape. All in all, if you’ve asked yourself “what is the best disposable vape brand?” There’s a new top dog in town. SMOK has outdone themselves with this top-tier disposable vape. 

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