VaporFi St. Patrick’s Day Irish Coffee E-Liquid BlendSt. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, guys, and we cannot wait to party it up Irish-style! Wearing green, savoring the corned beef and cabbage, drinking Irish beer, sipping Irish whiskey, and dancing jigs; it’s so much fun getting in the spirit for this one! And, of course, you know we are getting the party started early with our Blend of the Month for March: Irish Coffee!

If you haven’t tried it yet, this sensational e-liquid blend consists of Double Espresso, Top Shelf Bourbon, and Creme de la Creme and it will certainly make you want to raise your glass, (or vape pen) in celebration! Creamy, and luscious with just a tiny bite from the bourbon, it’s the ideal flavor to be vaping all month long. And, specially priced at 25%, as it is our designated Blend of the Month, we encourage you to vape it to your heart’s content. Bonus points for being nonalcoholic, enabling you to double fist if you like, without worrying about consequences tomorrow!

This is the perfect to flavor to bring along on all of your shenanigans on St. Patrick’s Day, because as you probably know, vaping a complementary blend along with a cocktail or pint of beer is the way to do it! If you’re the designated driver, it will allow you to still get in on the flavor of the day, without dabbling in alcohol. Plus, if you happen to hit any of the major celebrations that happen in the US, be it in Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco, or Miami, don’t forget that vaping makes partying among the masses so much sweeter.

If you want a celebratory flavor but aren’t up for a decadent blend like our Irish Coffee, don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of other options that will keep you vaping in the spirit of St. Patrick with the cocktail-theme going. Top Shelf Bourbon, Amaretto Sour, the Godfather, Cuban Mojito, Mint Julep, Pear Cosmopolitan, Havana Rum, Amaretto Truffle, and Rum & Cola will keep your vapor refreshed, and your vibe chill.

So, get ready, y’all! St. Patrick’s Day should be celebrated with rowdy, wild abandon and a great attitude! Get in on our sweet savings and vape our Irish Coffee blend!