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In the continuous evolution of vape mods and e-liquids, serious vapers are into “steeping” these days.

Have you heard of this interesting method? Would you be interested in trying it? Well, if you want to know more about steeping, and possibly give steeping your e-liquids a go, here is some info on this method.

Why Steep Your E-Juice?

Vapers who steep do so because they feel it enhances, exemplifies, and intensifies the flavor of their liquid. It’s often done to improve flavors, so if you’ve got a flavor that isn’t cutting it for you, perhaps it’s time to give steeping a try. If you like your flavors the way they currently are, steeping will be of little use, it’s more about improvement than fixing what ain’t broke! Here’s how to upgrade your cloud chasing experience with steeped vape juice. 

What is Steeping E-Liquid?

It’s a process of allowing the liquid to rest for a certain amount of time, like aging wine. There is no one method to do it; there are so many ways, however you will need to be patient, and a little adventurous in the experimentation department.

The purpose of steeping is to help the flavors of your vape juice blend together more completely and formulate a more reliable flavor. Part of the reason this is important is that the chemicals within your e-juice may start to separate during shipping, which can cause your flavor to be inconsistent as you vape.

Steeping your liquids recombines the ingredients so that you can enjoy them under the best possible vaping conditions.

The Best Way to Steep E-Juice:Slow Steeping

This method of steeping e-liquid is all about patience. The end result will please however, so the wait is worth it. If you find yourself shaking due to uncontrollable need for deliciousness, get some new liquids in the meantime. That’ll take your mind off the steeping goodness.

Here is the step-by-step guide to slowly steep your e-liquid :

Here is the step-by-step guide to slow steeping your e-liquid.

    1. First, shake your e-liquid bottle vigorously for three to five minutes. It takes more than a quick shake to really get all of the ingredients well blended. The better you mix things now, the better your results will be in the end.
    2. Next, find a cool, dark place to store your liquids. Heat and sunlight come through your e-liquid bottles and interact with the chemicals inside. This causes a breakdown of the ingredients and may even cause them to separate again. This would be counterproductive to your steeping efforts. The best way to steep is by placing your newly shaken e-liquid bottles inside a cabinet where they will rest, undisturbed.
    3. Finally, perform weekly check-ins. Each time you check on your liquid, give it a quick test. If it is not yet ready for your enjoyment, shake it up once more and place it back in its resting place. You may repeat this process two or three times, depending on how well your liquid is progressing. Just remember that your liquid does have an expiration date, and you don’t want to steep past that date by accident. The actual amount of time required to successfully steep your liquid will vary from one liquid to another, and depending on your personal tastes. For most people, two weeks is plenty of time to get their e-liquids properly steeped and ready to go.
    4. Take notes. Once you’ve mastered steeping one particular e-liquid you should write down the steps you took and the timeline you used so that you can replicate it. Since each flavor steeps differently you’ll want to keep track of how long each one needs to rest for optimum performance.

Keep in mind: Your liquid probably will taste different from when you first started the process. A richer, deeper, possibly even smoother liquid may have taken its place. The color may have altered as well, as can happen when nicotine reacts to oxygen; it’s totally normal.

By the end of this process you should have an e-liquid that is smoother and tastier than when it first came out of the box. This method is often used to enhance flavors that don’t arrive as you expected.

For instance, if the flavor that you get straight out of the box is too weak, or seems to be missing a key ingredient, steeping may be in order. Especially if other people have left reviews online suggesting a good hearty steep.

So, that’s e-juice steeping in basic terms; what do you think? Are ready to try this mysteriously cool way to change up your liquids? Do it! Ready for more advice and advanced techniques?

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So, we discussed what steeping is, why you may want to do it, and gave a simple explanation of one of the methods you can use to enhance the flavor of your e-juice. Here are some more tips, techniques, and a little more info on steeping because being able to work with your flavors to get them exactly how you want them rocks. It goes hand in hand with vaping as a whole; getting your way when smoking is the best!

E-Liquid Steeping Techniques

Steeping with Heat Method:

Steeping with heat can help make it go faster, and can lessen the wait time about a week. Because e-liquids are pretty viscous, heating can help them loosen up, and make mixing faster. Here are the steps:

  1. Shake the bottles with as much vigor as your arms can muster up.
  2. Soak your liquid bottle in a bowl or pot of warm water. Keep in mind, I said warm, not hot. Nicotine prefers warm baths, and hot can cause some trouble.
  3. When the water cools to room temperature, refill with warm water. Do this several more times. When you’re done, place the bottles in a cool, dark place, such as a closet or cabinet.
  4. Check back in a week, shake, and test it out.

How to Steep E-Juice Faster

Some vapers go so far as to keep their liquids in warm water continuously for several days nonstop to make the heat method work even faster. They say this can take the process of steeping from several weeks to a few days. With continuous checks to make sure the water level is adequate, the temperature is perfect, and you shake the bottle(s) vigorously every so often, your steeping action can be done uber fast. What a way to breathe new life into that slow cooker your mom gave a few years back for Christmas!

So, if you’re needing or wanting to make your e-liquids taste better, try steeping. There’s a reason it’s so popular! And, if you’re curious but lacking patience, time, or serious interest, try our ridiculously delicious e-liquids!

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