VaporFi E-Liquid SteepingSo, in Steeping Liquids Part 1, we discussed what steeping is, why you may want to do it, and gave a simple explanation of one of the methods you can use to enhance the flavor of your e-juice. Here are some more tips, techniques, and a little more info on steeping because being able to work with your flavors to get them exactly how you want them rocks. It goes hand in hand with vaping as a whole; getting your way when smoking is the best!

Steeping with Heat Method:

Steeping with heat can help make it go faster, and can lessen the wait time about a week. Because e-liquids are pretty viscous, heating can help them loosen up, and make mixing faster. Here are the steps:

  1. Shake the bottles with as much vigor as your arms can muster up.
  2. Soak your liquid bottle in a bowl or pot of warm water. Keep in mind, I said warm, not hot. Nicotine prefers warm baths, and hot can cause some trouble.
  3. When the water cools to room temperature, refill with warm water. Do this several more times. When you’re done, place the bottles in a cool, dark place, such as a closet or cabinet.
  4. Check back in a week, shake, and test it out.

Instant Gratification Method:

Some vapers go so far as to keep their liquids in warm water continuously for several days nonstop to make the heat method work even faster. They say this can take the process of steeping from several weeks to a few days. With continuous checks to make sure the water level is adequate, the temperature is perfect, and you shake the bottle(s) vigorously every so often, your steeping action can be done uber fast. What a way to breathe new life into that slow cooker your mom gave a few years back for Christmas!

So, if you’re needing or wanting make your liquids taste better, try steeping. There’s a reason it’s so popular! And, if you’re curious but lacking patience, time, or serious interest, try our ridiculously delicious Artisan Collection liquids; they are already steeped for maximum pleasure!