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Temperature Control Devices – Features and Benefits

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The vaping industry is one driven by innovation and constant improvements in technology. At VaporFi, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality products and the best of new technologies to our customers.

In an innovative industry, it’s important to understand how new technology is beneficial. Temperature control is one of the best innovations vaping has seen recently and has led to safer and easier-to-use products.

Now that temperature control devices have become affordable for many vaporizer owners, it’s important to understand what they are and what they do.

What are Temperature Control Vape Tanks?

A temperature control device does what one would expect, which is control the temperature of a vaporizer. What makes this so useful is that it regulates the temperature, keeping it at a constant pre-selected level as the coil heats up.

This also increases overall efficiency as a temperature control will only use as much wattage as it needs to keep the pre-selected temperature, making for a longer-lasting charge.

For the most part, vaporizer owners set their temperature range somewhere between 392 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit (200 to 250 degrees Celsius) and increase or decrease the temperature in five or 10 degree increments.

The Advantages TC Vape Tanks Offer

What are the advantages of temp control devices?

  • No More “Dry” Hits: any vaporizer owner is likely familiar with this sensation. It occurs when e-liquid runs low or runs out and any hit on the device is a dry scratchy sensation. A dry hit is very unpleasant and many users note that when it happens, you won’t soon forget it. With a TC device, dry hits are reduced due to power being reduced as the now dry vaporizer heats up. Instead of a dry hit the result is simply a very weak one.
  • Increased Safety: being able to control a vaporizer’s temperature makes it a far safer device. Vaping is still a young industry and keeping temperatures controlled limits users’ exposure to too much heat and any potential harm this may cause. With a TC device, the amount of heat used is exactly what is needed without any overheating.
  • Increased Wick and Coil Life: one of the reasons a dry hit tastes so bad is that the cotton wick itself is being burnt. Overheating damages both the wick and coil, reducing their overall product lifespans. With temperatures kept in the correct range, both of these components are only exposed to temperatures within the range they are designed to operate within.
  • Increased Battery Life: when using a TC, it only uses as much energy as it needs at any given time. Because of this, there is no wasted energy when the vaporizer is being used resulting in a longer battery life. It is estimated that the charge on a TC vaporizer lasts 1.5 times as long as a traditional vaporizer.

Using a Temperature Control Device

To start taking advantage of temperature control, the proper parts and materials are needed. These are as follows:

  1. First, not all vaporizers can make use of TC, but there are several on the market that can and are available at prices ranging from $30 all the way to $300 depending on features.
  2. Next, the right coil materials are needed. Coils are made out of several different materials and not all of these will support TC. For example, kanthal is not a usable material for TC. However, nickel coils (Ni200) and titanium coils are. Titanium is the newest material being used, having first been introduced to the market in 2015 and most new mods can use it or Ni200 as a coil material. When selecting a coil, pre-made coils are an option if the buyer prefers them. All major coil manufacturers currently make Ni200 coils and many of them now offer titanium coils as well. For the vape owner who likes to make their own coils, simply make a coil as before but using the appropriate materials.
  3. Finally, when selecting between titanium and Ni200, titanium is generally the preferred of the two as it offers less energy consumption and more precise temperature readings.


As the above shows, temperature control MODs are very useful devices that offer many advantages to vapers. Not only is it more efficient and better for vaporizer components, but it also improves the end-user experience resulting in a better overall taste. Any vape owner looking to upgrade to a TC vaporizer is encouraged to contact us at VaporFi for information about the newest technology on the market.

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