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At What Temperature Does THC Vaporize And Evaporate At?

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Dry herb vaping is becoming a popular way for vape fans to enjoy dry herb in a more effective and fulfilling manner. By using a vaporizer in the right way, you can vape dry herb and get all the benefits while minimizing potential side effects.

When it comes to vaping dry herb, not only do you need the right device, you also need to make sure the THC is vaporized at the right temperature. To achieve this, you need to pay attention to several important elements of your setup, and to optimize each component accordingly.

The most important factors that will influence your dry herb vaping experience will include the type of vaporizer, its features, the battery life of the mod, and the quality of the herb.

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What Vape Device Do You Need for Dry Herb - VaporFi

What Vape Device Do You Need for Dry Herb?

To enjoy vaping of your dry herb, you need a vaping device that is durable, easy to use and portable enough to easily carry around. VaporFi dry herb vaporizers contain many of the important features that a dry herb vape should have. The vape device should have a build quality that can withstand high THC temperatures while effectively vaporizing the product itself. The vape device should also have the following important features:

  • Compatibility with dry herb, e-juices, and concentrates
  • Ability to heat and heat up the product in 10-30 seconds
  • An adjustable temperature setting to ensure that THC is being vaporized at the right temperature
  • Excellent battery capacity to keep the device fully powered for dry herb vaping

In most cases, a dry herb vaporizer needs to be more powerful and durable than a typical e-juice vaporizer. This means that the build quality should be tough, the temperature control setting should be effective and responsive, and the draw from the atomizer should be strong enough to vaporize THC.

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What Temperature Should You Vape At For Dry Herb Vaping - VaporFi

Why Does Temperature Matter When Vaping?

When vaping dry herb, you’re bringing the components of the herb to a boiling point. Therefore, the herb evaporates and leaves behind the rest of the plant debris. There are many different components in dry herbs, and you need to make sure that you’re heating up the necessary ones to their required temperature. Cannabinoids are mostly the elements of interest while vaping, so it is important to know what temperatures they evaporate at. THC is the target cannabinoid that you want to vaporize during the process. 

What temperature does THC vaporize at? Here are several boiling point temperatures of THC and other cannabinoids.

  • THC – 315°F: Psychoactive effects and euphoria
  • CBD – 356°F: Pain relief and relaxation
  • CBN – 365°F: Sedative and anticonvulsant effects
  • CBG – 126°F: Brain cell stimulation

As you can see, your vaporizer should be able to bring the temperature of the dry herb to at least 315F so that you can enjoy the potent effects of THC. Vaporizing at much lower temperatures may cause you to miss the desired result, while burning too hot may expose you to unwanted effects.

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What Temperature is Right For You - VaporFi

What Temperature Should You Vape At For Dry Herb Vaping?

In the past, vaporizers did not come with a temperature control capability. This made it more complicated to adjust to various temperatures and to achieve varying effects during dry herb vaping. However, newer dry herb vaporizers, such as those produced by VaporFi, are capable of achieving multiple temperature outputs for your dry herb.

The temperature you set your vaporizer at will depend on the specific results you wish to achieve. In addition to the relevant boiling points of cannabinoids, there are also those flavor-producing terpenes to consider. Remember that cannabinoids are odorless, but terpenes are the components of dry herb that give the plant its unique smell and taste.

As a result, there is an intricate balance to consider between the THC temperature and the corresponding terpenes. The THC will provide the sensation, while the terpenes will give the smell and taste. Most terpenes in dry herb vaporize between 311F and 388F.

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What Temperature Does THC Vaporize At - VaporFi

What Temperature is Right For You?

The final temperature at which  you will set your vaporizer will depend on your desired results, your ability to balance between terpenes and THC temperature, and the quality of the dry herb.

In most cases, setting your vaporizer at 320F gives off a mellow and joyful high, where all the THC is vaporized, and you get a good whip of the flavor and taste of the dry herb.

At 365F, you will vaporize and take in even more THC, because terpenes such as Limonene will boost the absorption of THC via the mouth and mucous membranes. The result is an intense and energetic high.

And finally, vaporizing at about 430F is best suited for relieving deep-pain, as it gives your body a deep relaxing high. CBC along with the terpene linalool will provide this relaxing, body-wide effect.

VaporFi has everything you need to vape dry herb. Explore our collection of temperature controlled vapes and get started today.

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