Greetings, vape fam! Deal of the Week time has landed, and we are ready to lay down the details of this awesome deal! You ready for a great one? We sure hope you are because this week, none other than the Tesla TPOD AIO Pod Vape Starter Kit will be on special, allowing you to save some cash while scoring this incredible device. Normally $37.95, for this week only, it can be yours for just $33.99! Get ready to shop and get ready to save; this is a deal you need in your life right now!

The Tesla TPOD AIO Vape Starter Kit is a pretty unique offering in the market of pod devices. It offers supreme performance, exceptional power, and great quality. Above all, it’s also very easy to use, which makes it a really fun, really functional device to vape with. This package includes 1) Tesla TPOD AIO Vape Starter Kit and 1) Tesla Pod Cartridge, which is everything you need for great vaping.

The beauty of pod devices is that they offer simplicity in the way you use them, but they also offer a really great experience that doesn’t make you question if you actually are vaping. You can feel the hits, taste the flavor, and savor the vapor, without having to go to a whole lot of trouble to get the experience you’re after. Pods are the ultimate in user-friendly, and that’s something everyone is after these days.

Tesla TPOD AIO Pod Vape Starter Kit On Sale - Deal of the Week
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What makes the Tesla TPOD so special is that it was designed for performance and convenience, and considering these are two things Tesla has always excelled at, transferring this concept to a pod device system was perfectly in line with their unique innovation. While many other pods on the market offer great convenience, not many can offer the kind of performance the all-in-one TPOD can. With its zinc alloy construction, it is highly durable yet made for easy carrying and portability. The system is powered by a powerful 500mAh battery, which is way beyond the offerings of most pod vaporizers around. Known for fast charging, you won’t spend your days waiting on this device to be ready. The TPOD boasts a 2ml vape juice capacity, allowing for very comfortable vaping without needing to constantly refill.

But it Now!

The Tesla TPOD is not just about basic performance, however. It also features a few design specs that make it more mod like than any other pod vape around. A sizable 1.4″ color screen has been set onto the device, allowing for easy access to all of your details like battery life, voltage output, firing times, and your puff count. Overall, the TPOD boasts easy navigation, allowing you to fire up and achieve a great experience, without a lot of trouble. It’s an awesome setup that delivers on the satisfaction and fun, allowing you to have a very enjoyable experience without losing sight of the simplicity that comes only by way of a pod vaporizer.

The Deal of the Week happens every week, bringing you great savings and some great gear to brighten up your otherwise drab Monday. What could be better than saving some money on great vape gear? This week, the gorgeous Tesla TPOD Vape Starter Kit will be specially priced at $33.99 and we invite you to get in on this action because it’s too good to pass up. Happy shopping and happy vaping, y’all!

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