Vaping for Valentine's DayT-minus 9 days till V-Day, and we thought we’d get into the spirit in a most cheeky way: by talking about super sexy flavor. Aphrodisiac e-liquids? Sure why not?! Because we all know, the way into most people’s hearts is not through the brain with love notes and fleeting promises; it’s through the mouth. Yes, luscious kisses can do much to sway things, but we’re really into flavor. Aren’t you?

So, here are the best picks for Valentine’s Day flavors, because the flavor of love never gets boring… and we offer more than enough delicious flavors to keep the flame exciting.

Rich and Sensual

Cinnamon has long been favored as an aphrodisiac flavor and we certainly offer a variety of blends, as well as our traditional Sinfully Cinnamon and Red Hot Cinnamon that allow this spicy flavor to fly solo. Our top picks that are spicy and deep:

  • Grahamnilla Tobacco
  • Chocolate Cherry Tobacco
  • Grandma’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie

Lasciviously Sweet

Decadence goes perfectly with romance, and when it comes to sweet, nothing hits the spot like chocolate! And, right on cue, this month our Blend of the Month is none other than the always-seductive Decedent Dip, which combines the richness of chocolate with sweet, juicy strawberries. Other chocolate favorites:

  • Chocolate Mint
  • ChocoJava
  • Frozen Banana

Mild and Alluring

Sometimes it’s about the subtle flavors that arouse the passions, and in that case, give these come-hither tastes a try:

  • Key Lime Delight
  • White Tea
  • Hazelnut
  • Amaretto Sunrise

Flirty and Fruity

The world of aphrodisiacs would be empty without fruit; hence the biblical reference to forbidden fruit! These gifts of the earth have been tempting humanity since the early days, and we obviously know why! To keep that spirit of sexy rebellion going on, vape with these flavors:

  • Cherry Crush
  • Pomegranate Passion
  • Strawberrylicious
  • Caribbean Escape

So, do those e-liquid flavors have you in the mood, or what? May your Valentine’s Day be full of sexy, deliciousness vapor!