Tip of the Day: Temperature Control

Keeping your e-cig or APV battery safe at all times is probably one of your goals. You take the time to clean it; you keep it safely stored in a storage case; you don’t overcharge it. However one little aspect you may have not kept in mind, or even been aware of, is that temperature control is actually super important to the life and performance of your battery.

Because most vape and e-cig batteries are lithium-ion, they require a little extra loving care, which involves the perfect temperature. Exposure to temps that are too hot or too cold can be detrimental or even fatal to it. In fact, some of the known downfalls can include total failure, poor functioning, melting, warping, and even the possibility of exploding in the rarest of circumstances.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for keeping your batteries safe and out of harm’s way when it comes to temperature extremes.

-Hot car = NO WAY! Even if the temps outside are only hitting 80 degrees or so, cars heat up much hotter on the inside when the car is in the sun and the windows are up.

-Freezing temps are a no-no too. E-cigs can freeze!

-Rain is also a no-go. Water and electronic devices don’t work together, plus vape batteries are not designed to work in wet conditions. In fact, when using your device near any bodies of water, (big like the ocean, or small like your bathtub) you need to exercise extreme caution as getting wet can destroy them, and extended exposure to humidity can damage a battery as well.

Moderate temperatures are ideal for all of your nicotine vaporizers and e-cig batteries. They should be stored in cool dry places, just like e-liquid. Taking proper care of your devices is ideal to making them last as long as possible, and perform at a stellar level for as long as possible. This equates to more satisfied vaping, and to greater money saving! Take care of your vape pens, and they will return the favor!