Top 10 Vape Blends for Summer 2020

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Relaxing and Vaping in the Summer

There are few things in life better than kicking back on a warm summer night with good friends, ice cold drinks, and smooth pulls from your vape. 

But are you really making the most out of your summer vaping experience? The seasons have changed and so should your vape juice flavors. Read on to learn how to amp up your summer vape game with the best e juice flavors and top summer vape blends.

Out with the Old and In with the New! 

Swap out your go-to e juices for summery, seasonal flavors like watermelon, peach, berry, and citrus. Got a sweet tooth? Choose from dessert-inspired flavors like pie, custard, or ice cream. Or for those who love a summertime drink, try rum or sparkling champagne flavored e-liquids. 

The best part of all? You don’t have to choose just one flavor. VaporFi offers a unique DIY e juice mixing service so you can create your own personalized summer vape juice blend. You can choose up to three flavors for your desired taste. To inspire you along the way, we’ve compiled this list of the top summer vape blends. 

Top 10 Summer Vape Juice Blends

1. Make Me a Mojito

Mint is an incredibly refreshing summer flavor. Pair Fresh Mint and Havana Rum e-liquids and you’re on your way to Cuba with a mojito-inspired juice blend. 

2. Mint Chocolate Chip 

Or, if you’d like something a bit more decadent, put Fresh Mint and Chocolate Delight juices together for a satisfying treat. 

3. “If you like Piña Coladas…” 

What is more summery a flavor than coconut? Pair Carribean Coconut with Island Pineapple to be transported to your favorite beach, sipping a delightful Piña Colada.

4. Take Me to the Tropics

Make the ultimate tropical trifecta vapor by blending Mango Tango, Banana Bash and Island Pineapple. It’s a trio sure to pack a tropical punch.

5. Classic Raspberry Cheesecake 

Rich, creamy cheesecake meets tangy raspberry when you mix Raspberry Razz and Cheesecake Divine e juices.  Indulge in the taste of this classic dessert with none of the calories! 

6. Bananas for Chocolate 

Remember being a kid and enjoying a frozen banana on a stick, dipped in rich chocolate? Take that taste to your vape by combining Banana Bash e juice with Smooth Chocolate. Reminisce on the frozen treat as you experience it in vapor form. 

7. Banana Cream Pie Delight

Making a banana cream pie is hard work. But vaping one is not! Blend together Banana Bash, Creme de la Creme, and Pie Crust e juices for a taste that will have you coming back for more.

8. More S’mores 

Nothing says summer like fresh-off-the-fire s’ mores. Choose Graham Cracker, Chocolate Delight, and Classic Tobacco e juices for a vapor that will make you feel as though you’re at the campfire. 

9. Brunch it Up 

Who says it can’t be Sunday Funday every day? Make a Mimosa-inspired e juice blend with Orange Crush and Sparkling Champagne flavors. Or, go for a Bellini with Peachy Keen and Sparkling Champagne. 

10. A Berry Nice Daiquiri

How could we make a list of top summer vape blends without one of the most iconic summer drinks – the strawberry daiquiri. Have the VaporFi Vapetenders combine Starwberrylicous e juice with Havana Rum and before you know it, you’ll feel like you’re sitting poolside, sipping a delicious daiquiri. 

Blend of the Month Club 

If you love being your own vape juice mixologist and trying the new, best e juice flavors, consider joining VaporFi’s Blend of the Month Club! Club members enjoy the following perks:

  • Access to brand new flavors before other VaporFi customers
  • Provide customer feedback and the opportunity to name new flavors
  • Free shipping and monthly delivery
  • Exclusive discounts on batteries, tanks, kits, and more 

Find Your Summer Flavors with VaporFi

With VaporFi’s extensive e-liquid selection, there are hundreds of summer vape juice blends to be made. And with no shortage of options, you can let your creativity run wild. Tell your friends about your new flavor combos, compare, contrast, and see what you can come up with together. 

And if you have any questions along the way, the VaporFi customer support team is here to help you! We’d love to assist you as you become your own flavor mixologist and answer any questions you may have along the way. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Summer only lasts so long – jump into our online flavor lab and create your own summer concoction today!

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