It’s Blend of the Month time guys, and we hope you’re amped for some seriously good flavor for your vapor! This month, we’re giving you a Triple Treat, which combines three fantastic flavors for a most delicious blend that will have you savoring a smooth, chocolatey, dessert blend. So get ready for this one; it’s a taste you’re going to want in your vape tank all month long!

About Triple Treat

Triple Treat Blend E-Liquid
Triple Treat Blend E-Liquid our Blend of the Month

This flavor is created through the expert blending of three exceptional juices: Smooth Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Condensed Milk. Interesting, right? When blended, the juice is pretty darn incredible! Imagine silky waves of chocolate rippling over your senses. This flavor is ultra rich, and in between the heavy chocolate essence, you get underlying notes of marshmallow and condensed milk which up the ante in terms of luscious smoothness. This is a very decadent taste, which still maintains a clean, delicate body as a result of the combination of flavors that were so thoughtfully included to create a mind-blowing taste. Triple Treat vape juice is exactly like the name implies; it’s a triple treat of awesomeness!

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About Our Blend of the Month

Every month, we tantalize your taste buds with something new, exciting, and offered at a sweet discount. Normally $15.99 for 30ml bottles, our Blend of the Month vape juice is specially priced at $11.99 offering great savings and a fantastic flavor.

VaporFi Blend of the Month liquids are different every time, and it’s always our aim to create a flavor that will catch you by surprise in the best way. Because our lineup of flavors can create over 30,000 different blends, we love highlighting this by showing off a different variation every month. Sometimes it’s a themed flavor just in time for a holiday or a seasonal blend that keeps that atmospheric feeling going. Sometimes it’s something totally out there; a flavor indicative of the adventurousness we love exploring. Whatever the case, each month we offer a different one, and each month if you’re part of our Blend of the Month Club, you get this flavor automatically delivered to you (plus free shipping; oh yeah!). New flavors, a treat waiting in your mailbox, along with other exclusive deals are what you get as a member of this club.

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Why You Need it

If you’ve been on the search for something a little different yet firmly dessert-flavored and offering a heavy dose of chocolate, with an overwhelmingly smooth body; this is the flavor for you! The flavor dances upon your tastebuds and fills your senses with a silky, chocolate taste that has the perfect end note of marshmallow. Dessert all day, the perfect complement to your morning coffee, or just total satisfaction for those chocolate cravings, Triple Treat will treat you right!

This month’s Blend of the Month is sure to satisfy, so we hope you’re in the mood for some decadent chocolate vape juice in your life. Triple Treat offers a flavor you’re going to want to indulge in all month long. Specially priced at just $11.99 while it’s our BOTM, now’s your chance to score this deliciousness! Treat yo’selves and savor it!

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