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Understanding Vaping Laws for Minors

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With the skyrocketing popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes, more people are becoming interested in trying it for themselves. Many experts are touting it as a far better alternative to tobacco cigarettes, with potentially less worrisome health effects.

Vape shops and online vape product companies are popping up at an impressive rate, and you have probably even seen a shop or two in your local neighborhood. All kinds of people, including tobacco smokers, dry herb smokers, and non-smokers, are giving vaping a try for themselves.

As it turns out, vaping has also caught the attention of teens and young adults as well. Similar to the time during which tobacco cigarettes were at the height of their popularity, vaping has become an interesting thing that teens are wanting to try. However, if you are a teen or young adult who wants to venture into vaping, there are a few things you should know first – including some basic vaping knowledge and vape laws for minors.

What is Vaping?

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Vaping involves inhaling a vapor through an e-cigarette or electronic vaporizer. The vapor may be a product of an e-liquid (also referred to as vape juice and e-juice), a dry herb, or concentrate. Every e-cig and vaporizer contain a heating element that raises the temperature of the chosen substance, chemically transforming it into a vapor form. Vape juices come in a range of different flavors, which is a big and exciting factor in the overall experience.

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Is Vaping Bad for Me?

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Because vaping is still fairly new, there are still many scientific studies being conducted to draw specific conclusions about how safe vaping may be. However, scientists do generally agree that it is an optimal alternative to tobacco cigarettes, with Public Health England going so far as to state that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than traditional smoking, according to their 2015 studies. For this reason, many tobacco smokers are looking to e-cigarettes as a way to help them kick their tobacco habit. Interestingly, the same Public Health England study found that so far, there is no reason to believe that e-cigarettes and vaping lead children and young adults to a future tobacco cigarette habit. That being said, we can’t say for certain that vaping is completely safe, which is largely why experts across the board agree that children and teens should avoid vaping.

Can Minors Try Vaping?

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The short and simple answer to this question is, if you are under the age of 18, then no – you can’t legally pick up an e-cigarette and start vaping. As of January 2018, federal vaping laws for minors forbid anyone younger than 18 years of age from purchasing and using any vaping device or product – including e-cigarettes, electronic vaporizers, and e-juices.

The FDA has a hand in the laws on vaping as well, categorizing e-cigarettes as a similar product to tobacco cigarettes (despite their differences). As a result, FDA regulations that are placed on tobacco cigarettes are similarly applied to e-cigarettes and vaporizers. This includes the age requirement, a valid photo ID needed for purchase, and a nicotine warning label placed on all nicotine-containing products by 2018.

Do Vaping Laws by State Vary?

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The FDA provides the guidelines for federal law and regulation related to vape products, but it is the individual states that are responsible for actually enforcing them. In general, you can assume that your state treats the sale and use of vaping products by minors just as they do tobacco cigarettes – still sticking to the minimum age limit of 18.

However, states can vary in terms of their regulation of the use of e-cigarettes by adults. For example, just about everyone has been in a public place where “No Smoking” signs are posted. Some states apply this rule to e-cigarettes (for example, California as of 2016), while others do not have a specific stance (Alaska, as of early 2018).

What is the Future of New Vape Laws?

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As is the case with any law, the laws regulating vaping may change in the future. Whether it is a small adjustment or dramatic alteration, it is your responsibility to inform yourself of the most up-to-date regulations. A good way to ensure that you are reading accurate information is to stick to government websites, because those are more likely to be up to date.

Where Can I Purchase Quality Vape Products If I Am Over the Age of 18?

If you are 18, and can legally purchase and enjoy vape products, then you should choose a reputable business with high quality products such as e-cigs, vaporizers, starter kits, and e-juices. VaporFi can be your one-stop shop for all your vaping needs once the time is right, so feel free to browse our selection and pick a few favorites if you are 18 or older!

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