VaporFi Valentines Gift GuideDoes your man vape? Well, if so, this is the only gift guide you’re going to need to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. We all know fellas can be especially hard to shop for, but one thing is for sure, and that even though most guys can be rather uncomplicated in their tastes, you cannot go wrong with top qulaity. And in that case, we totally excel. Don’t waste your time pondering what will really please him this year (lingerie, vino, and a sexy night in never hurt!) if he vapes, vape gear is sure to please!

Beginner Level:

Your guy needs to switch to vaping. You know he’s been curious, and the cigarettes aren’t doing him any favors. Get him a Pro Starter Kit. It’s techy enough to get him interested, cool enough to make him feel like it was made just for him, and it is powerful enough to actually please. Yes, this is a no-frill crowd pleaser.

Happy Vaper:

For the dude who loves vaping. Maybe he’s not (yet) an “expert” or a total vape geek, but your man knows his way around a vaporizer and isn’t afraid to declare his passion for vapor. In this case, he would probably love a Rebel II, some sick new accessories, and if you’re feeling especially thoughtful, custom-design something especially for him with our new Custom Kit Builder.

Full-On Vape Expert

Your guy doesn’t mess around with vape gear, and you know there is nothing he would love more than having his fave hobby indulged. And, because of that, he will be especially pleased if you surprise him with something super high-tech. Like a VOX 50 Mod starter kit, which will basically blow his mind. It’s among the hottest items in the advanced vaping category, and this was made for those who are bonafide geeks. You know, those who build their own gear.

Not Sure?

Still not sure  what to give that will absolutely make his heart skip a beat this V-Day? Don’t forget you can’t go wrong with a VaporFi gift card, or a sweet E-Liquid Sampler 3-Pack of a few new liquids.

One way or another, if your guy is a vaper, and you take the effort to get him something super sweet and thoughtful that involves his obsession, you’re going to make him a very happy man. Take it from us!