At VaporFi, one of the things we’re most proud about is our dedication to keeping our customers in the loop when it comes to what’s going on in the vaping community. Whether its step-by-step guides for using a new vape device, honest product reviews, or updates on the latest vape industry news, you can find a wealth of information here at VaporFi.

Our latest project tackled one of vapers’ favorite topics to talk about: e-juice. Ask a handful of vapers about their favorite vape juice flavors and brands, and odds are you’ll get a mixed bag of opinions – but that’s part of what makes vaping such a fun, customizable experience for everyone. Whether your personal e-juice style is traditional or eclectic, savory or sweet, it’s always interesting to hear about other vapers’ favorites.

Our research team took a deep dive into more than a thousand vapers’ e-juice preferences, surveying a diverse group of people from around the country. As it turns out, a vaper’s preferred vape juice might depend on a whole host of factors that you might not expect: where they live in the U.S., gender, fitness habits, their smartphone of choice, favorite music genre, and even their top pick for movie night.

Here’s a roundup of the interesting – and sometimes surprising – connections we made when learning about vape juice favorites:

Vape Juice User Data & Research [Infographic]