Everywhere you go the laws are different. From city to city,  state to state, and country to country, there are different laws. For instance, in some countries, teens can work at the age of 14. In other countries, 16 with parental consent is the age to be able to get a job.

The same is true when it comes to vaping legislation.

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Vape Laws Around the World


Australia’s vaping laws are particularly difficult to understand. Much like the US, each state has taken their own stance on vaping products. Nationally speaking, nicotine products are banned. However, there are many loopholes and workarounds for people who want to get their vapor products. Oddly, using vaporizers is still legal throughout most of the country, once you manage to get your products in.


Mexico has an interesting relationship with vaping. Technically, it is legal to use a vaporizer throughout the country. However, a handful of companies run a near monopoly on all tobacco and nicotine-containing products, so there are tons of restrictions on the manufacture and sale of vaping products. The country is slowly starting to overturn those monopolies and open things up.


As you head into France you’ll find that there are pretty tough restrictions on traveling with your vape, such as a 100-milliliter cap on e-liquids. Once you arrive in the country, you’ll also find that they take vaping in public pretty seriously. You won’t be allowed to use your vape on public buses or trains. However, the sale of vaping products is fairly lenient.

United Kingdom

In the UK, you can be hit with a $200 fine just for smoking your e-cig in public. For those who are particularly offensive with their devices, the officers may choose to confiscate your e-cig. However, most of the country is accepting of this new technology and you can travel pretty easily with up to 100 ml of juice on your person as well as two spare batteries.

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Similar to France with its vaping legislation, Spain is most focused on the use of vaporizers in shared public spaces. This is especially true regarding bars and restaurants, where other patrons may be forced into close contact with your clouds. Spain has also made it clear that you should give entryways to businesses and hospitals a wide berth as you vape before heading inside.


Germany is probably the most liberal of the western European countries when it comes to vaporizers. They have decided that e-liquid products do not qualify under their drug or medical guidelines as of yet, so there are no age limitations on the purchase of vapor products. However, some localities may have instituted stricter laws regarding nicotine-containing juices in particular.


Italy has taken a particularly welcoming stance on vaping. They have an unusually high percentage of smokers among their population, and it costs the nation a boatload in medical bills and deaths every year. By encouraging people to vape instead, they hope to cut down on these expenses and help improve public health all around.


The Netherlands has taken a pretty strict line on e-liquid products. They have deemed all e-liquids to be a potentially hazardous substance which cannot be transported across national lines. Many companies and airline operators in the Netherlands have an outright ban on these substances, and confiscation happens fairly regularly.


Japan has a very restricted vaping market to date. A single company is responsible for manufacturing and selling nearly all of the vapor products on the island. There aren’t many laws in place regarding the actual use of vaping, but you’ll find that it is pretty difficult to get your hands on vaping goods while you’re there. This can be frustrating at the very least.

Vaping Around the World

These are just a few of the most popular tourist destinations around the world and a small snapshot of their vaping laws. Obviously, if you are going to travel to any of these locales even for a short period of time, you will want to become familiar with their vaping legislation. In some cases, you may be happy to find that the nation is particularly supportive of vapers, such as Italy. However, the truth is that much of the world is still struggling to deal with the widespread implications of vaping and what it means for their citizens.

Of all the nations we looked at, Australia may be the strictest overall thanks to their complete ban on nicotine. However, many of the other countries have also instituted complete or partial bans on vaping products. If nothing else, just be sure that you are not vaping in public, which is the most universal rule of them all. Public vaping has the greatest chance of landing you in hot water no matter where you go.

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