vaping on the red carpet
While it may not be clear whether celebrities were the first to adopt vaping technology or if they only did it once the trend was popular elsewhere, the fact is that vapor has made its way onto the red carpet.

Leonardo DiCaprio was among the first celebrities to openly vape at major events, and after seeing him vape at the SAG Awards there was hot debate over vaping etiquette. Of course, he’s Leonardo DiCaprio and nobody was going to tell him to stop!

Since then we’ve seen plenty of other celebrities vaping, and even talking about their vapes in an all-new way.

Tom Hardy

A DiCaprio co-star, Tom Hardy lit up Instagram before the 2016 Oscars by sharing a picture of himself exhaling a large, fluffy cloud. While the Oscars have set a precedent of being vape-free, celebrities still enjoy a puff from their favorite vape pen before heading down to the real red carpet. The suit and tie really give the vapor an elegant appeal in Hardy’s dressing room.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been seeing vaping with friends at plenty of events. She is known for carrying a bright purple vaporizer that she frequently shares with other celebrities in her social circle.

Following DiCaprio’s SAG headlines, she was seen vaping openly following the Golden Globes with other celebrities in attendance. She definitely hasn’t been shy about vaping, drawing attention to the matter even for those outside of the loop.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is another big-time performer who has been seen vaping on his way to award shows. Apparently Mars made the promise to give up smoking for Mother’s Day a few years back. He publicly endorsed vaping company Njoy with a selfie that featured his vape pen, and more recent reports say that he has invested in a number of vapor companies as well.

Sarah Silverman

Now that vaping has become such a hot trend among celebrities from all industries, Sarah Silverman was quick to take things to the next level. When asked about her personal vape mod on the red carpet last year she actually clarified that it was a portable marijuana device and she was vaping concentrates.

The decision to openly vape marijuana products on the red carpet was a first and actually led to further discussion about etiquette and the differences between e-liquid vaporizers and dry herb vaporizer technologies.

The Roundup

Since the likes of DiCaprio, Perry and Silverman have given vapor its place on the red carpet, it’s not unusual now to see celebrities carrying vaporizers with them. Charlie Sheen is known for carrying one of his own vapor line products in his shirt pocket, and Johnny Depp has also been seen with a vape pen in hand. It’s become obvious that these are celebrities who vape everyday and wouldn’t leave home without their vape any other day of the year. Having it on the red carpet is just an extension of what they would normally be doing. Of course, whether or not it’s polite to vape indoors during an award ceremony remains debatable.

Heading into the 2017 award season we can expect to see plenty more vaping going on. However, there have already been shots fired this year as the Oscars announced promptly that their venue would be vape-free.

Headlines popped up across the web taunting DiCaprio about his habit and wondering what he would do instead following last year’s announcement. Naturally, vaping resumed at the after-parties and there was little coverage of vaping overall during the ceremonies.

What Comes Next

Vaping is going through some legal challenges right now, but many celebrities have been on the front lines of the fight. Given their stage for public outreach, many of them have chosen to talk about choosing vapor over traditional cigarettes. Even Catharine Zeta-Jones once suggested that she switched to vaping after her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Celebrities are providing a platform for public awareness by bringing their vaporizers onto the red carpet and openly talking about why they vape. In addition, now that marijuana products are more widely accepted and several mainstream marijuana vaporizers are available, there will also be plenty of time to discuss pot vaping in the near future.

Whether you’re watching the Oscars or another award show, take note of the celebrity vapers and how they handle their devices. Some celebrities choose to keep their vaping more discreet while others openly celebrate the technology.

You can also have some fun with friends with our Award Show Vaping Game designed to give you new vaping challenges based on silly and fun moments throughout the awards show. Use our rules or add some of your own to make for an entertaining event that breaks up the long speeches and adds an element of surprise to the night.