Team VaporFi MMA is bringing the action to you live, this weekend during the Professional Fighters League Everett event! Tune in and watch our VaporFi-sponsored fighters take it to the cage for the vape fam as they FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VAPE! The event will be broadcast live via NBCSN at 9 PM EST, and you should do everything in your power not to miss it! We are expecting a killer evening of MMA, and our fighters will be going hard to come on top! So whether you are a die-hard MMA fan, a hardcore vaper, or both, this event will surely bring on the adrenaline. GO #TeamVaporFi!

Professional Fighters League; or PFL Everett this Saturday, July 29, 2017 is slated to be an awesome evening, and we are so looking forward to this night of great fighting. VaporFi is pleased to be sponsoring the likes of three magnificent athletes for the event, and we know they will be pushing hard to emerge victorious from the cage. During the main event title featherweight fight, Andre Harrison and Steven Rodriguez will both be fighting under the VaporFi name against one another, which will prove to be both enthralling and gut-wrenching as we are rooting for them both. During the Main Card Welterweight fight, Jake Shields will be representing Team VaporFi as he faces off against Danny Davis Jr., and we expect all of these fighters to be giving it their all during this event which has the potential to be quite influential in all of their careers.

Team VaporFi MMA is about partnering with some of the finest MMA talent in the world, and we support fighters on their way to championships. There are many parallels between the two industries, and we are proud to sponsor fighters we see as excellent representatives for our culture. VaporFi-sponsored athletes are chosen for their determination, their grit, and for their inexhaustible drive to succeed in their sport. MMA is an immensely competitive arena, and we understand the challenges every fighter faces on the way up the ranks. Our fighters are selected for their skill level as well as their desire and focus, and seeing them progress is extremely satisfying to us. Go Team VaporFi MMA!

Andre Harrison presents quite the formidable opponent towards anyone facing him. The 29-year-old fighter out of Long Island, New York, has a stunning 16-0-0 record and he intends on keeping it this way. His opponent, the equally-fierce 26-year-old, Costa Rican-born Steven Rodriguez, who stands at 10-2-0, is also hungry for a win, as this fight will be securing a title. Both fighters are amped and mentally prepared to give it their all; considering they have both made it this far. We expect some incredible fighting to be done during PFL Everett as they both represent the vape fam, charging for that title!

Welterweight Jake Shields, of San Francisco, CA, is a long-standing MMA veteran who still has quite a bit of action up his sleeve for putting the damage on. At 38 years old, he holds a massively impressive record of 31-9-1, and he is more than ready to unleash the beast within when he fights Danny Davis Jr. We are so looking forward to witnessing his skills during this event.

So tune in and cheer on the vape fam during the exciting evening of Professional Fighters League Everett! Our fighters will be on their A-game, hunting for titles and glory, so support them as they FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VAPE, spreading the positivity and spirit of endurance the vapor community is so known for. The action will be broadcast live, at 9:00 PM ET on NBCSN, so catch it and enjoy the show! Make sure you’re following us on social media for all the updates and outcomes; it’s going to be one crazy night of good, clean fighting!