VaporFi S'moresYou’re a foodie and a vaper. Your best bet when vaping when it comes to flavors that please your sophisticated palate? VaporFi.

Foodies, you know who you are. You seek out the best flavors the world can offer, and you bring gourmet to the everyday. And when foodies vape, finding great flavors can make or break the experience. So, if you have found yourself in this predicament, you know how tricky it can be to not only find solid flavors you enjoy, but also a dependable brand you can trust to deliver the finest taste.

Yes this is real! If you are big on flavor, enjoying new flavors, and always want to experience all the many varieties that are out there, you best be vaping with our liquids! That’s right, we’re taking vape flavors to new heights: 30,000 options galore!

We carry over 50 different single e-liquid flavors, and these can be tailored to your tastes by having either single or double shots. However, things get even crazier when you start delving into Custom Blends. Our custom blended e-liquids can be blended into thousands of different flavors, giving you endless options for gourmet flavors, so if there is something you’re desiring, your foodie cravings will most likely get satisfied!

VaporFi caters to any vaper (or foodie-vaper) who wants exceptional flavors, both in variety and quality. We use the best ingredients, a superb balance of VG to PG ratio, glycerin sourced exclusively from the Malaysian Palm, which helps us avoid peanut derived glycerin, which is known to be an allergen. Our liquids are diacetyl-free, so not only will you not have to even consider whether or not your liquids will taste of fake butter, you won’t have to worry about breathing that gunk into your lungs. And, to top it off, VaporFi e-liquids are 100% made in the USA. Which alludes to our guarantee of freshness, and equates to better performance, better taste, and better vapor production!

Yes, we take flavor quite seriously. And when it comes to e-liquids, we aim to please everyone, foodies included! Now, if you’re planning on vaping and enjoying some serious eating, go for it! You will not be disappointed!